Healthy Holiday Traveling

Travel Food"It's the most. wonderful. time. of the year!!!...(ding, dong, ding, dong)" (christmas song on the brain;) I'm sure most of you are gearing up for your holiday travel plans, as I sure am! Packing and planning tends to lead to lots of stress prior to the final departure, but it's all part of the fun! This might be kind of weird, but I actually get super excited about all the goodies I'll be packing for snacking on board ~ vacation has officially begun once en route, right?!

Now that I've adopted a very mindful healthy eating lifestyle, it's become second  nature for me to think a day or two in advance as to what I'll be eating. If you don't plan, you'll be likely to set yourself up for the 'hunger, grab anything and everything scenario', which typically leads to non-ideal choices. This cultivation takes time, but soon enough, you'll be in your own groove, I promise!

As a little jet-setter myself, I've gotten into my healthy travel groove, now knowing what to expect and how to avoid being hungry or unsatisfied with a little preparation!

First off, definitely pack a little bag full of treats. I make a trip to the natural foods store and stock up on a few raw, vegan, unrefined sugar treats (being the sweet tooth that I am--maybe yours are savory snacks?) ~ typically a 'chocolate tart', or chocolate bar, some raw cookies, or yummy gomacro bars, larabars or something of the like...don't be embarrassed to lug your grocery bag around, it's totally worth it in the end! Oh, and don't forget to always have some nuts and seeds on hand anytime you're on the go--raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whichever you prefer--just make sure they're not salted and there are no other ingredients in them like oils and sugar, etc. (just pure raw nuts/seeds--organic preferably)

I also bring a lunch with me. Sometimes I have leftovers to bring with me, like a roasted sweet potato or batch of steamed squash, but that can get kind of annoying when lugging the tupperware around after, so I prefer bringing a prepared lunch from the natural foods store.

Starbucks Oatmeal

Breakfast is always easy in the airport or whenever traveling, if you just find your closest Starbucks! I order the oatmeal without sugar or dried fruit (careful, it's always covered in sugar unless otherwise stated) and double the bags of nuts. I'll be honest, I usually order two oatmeals so that I can really be satisfied for a few hours ~  I like to eat, if you couldn't tell already!;).

While you're there, do yourself a favor and order a large cup of hot water. When traveling, your stomach tends to bloat due to an ayurvedic vata imbalance, reflecting the mental disturbances of the mere concept of travel and all the anxieties/stressors/altitudes that come with the territory, whether you know it or not. Hot water will calm your stomach. It's best to sip it before you eat, but throughout the whole day is great ~ keep ordering it on the plane, or maybe add a tea bag or lemon! Either way, please stay hydrated! Another way to do that is to use nasal spray (from the natural foods store ideally) to keep all the airplane toxins away!

Once you get to your travel destination, if you can make a quick run to a local market, a few essentials will do the trick for a few days: oats, quinoa, ezekiel bread, almond butter, apples, greens, berries, avocado. You should be able to make smoothies, almond butter and toast, or oatmeal for breakfast or snack, and lunch of quinoa with steamed/raw greens with avocado or any variation of the above. And please pack a Green Powder. I like Vitamineral Greens from the natural food store (or Whole Foods). Your system will thank you for it!

The holidays are for spending quality time with those you love. This is a time to relax and enjoy your company and surroundings, but still be able to be true to your center of balance. These few suggestions should help you do just that. :)

Have a happy and safe holiday season!