Counting Christmas Blessings

Caymana Bay, CaymanI believed in Santa Claus until I was way too old-- probably about 11 or 12, actually! My mom was determined to not get caught! She threw out all the stops and tricks even when we heard otherwise from our friends at school. She always said to us, "If you believe in Santa, he will come, and if you don't, he won't". Plain and simple. We were not about to risk the chance of not having him come visit!! After watching my favorite Christmas movies this month, which include, Love Actually, A Family Stone, Elf, Santa Clause, Home Alone, etc., to name a few, I'm very aware of the underlying theme -- faith.

Faith means believing. Believing in something you cannot see. Believing that Christmas Magic does in fact happen throughout the entire year, and realizing that that magic comes from Love. Love which connects us to every single thing --anything that was ever created. Christmas brings us together to reconnect with our heart, to rebirth ourselves anew, to remember that we have the capacity to make magic happen--to uplift others and lead a pure life of love, and of light, and to honor our own unique truth. The truth being what lights us up inside--what we're called to do, what brings us joy, peace and inspiration to create!

The symbolism of Santa to me, is God--the vast omnipresence of magic. To believe is to have faith. What I learned from my Universal Kabbalah teacher, Sivan, is that there are 3 principles of Faith.

The first being, that if it came to you, it's from God.

The second, If it's from God, it means it is good for you.

Thirdly, If it came to you from God, and was good for you, then what is there to learn? Can you step into your own light? Do you have what it takes and are you ready? Challenges bring double the blessings. There's always a lesson to receive and an opportunity to evolve.

In the movie that I watched on the flight down to Cayman a few days ago, Morgan Freeman says to Steve Carrel's wife in Evan Almighty, that 'when you ask for patience, God doesn't give you patience, he gives you the opportunity to be patient'. There's always an opportunity to practice receiving the blessings and the guidance we are always given, to be grateful for everything we have right now, and to acknowledge the lesson, so we have the chance to think right, speak right, and act right.

Calypso Grill Christmas Tree

Christmas reminds me to believe. To believe in magic. To expect Miracles, as Gabrielle Bernstein says.

It doesn't matter how old I am, Santa and Christmas celebrations of family and love, reminds me that there's something bigger out there. We only see 10 percent of reality, according to Universal Kabbalah. The remaining 90 percent is in the unseen realm.

This week, I'm remembering to focus my attention on others and on my surroundings, rather than myself, so that I can tap into that unconditional light of giving love. Through giving, Master Kabbalist and Mystic, Dr. Levry says that, "giving will guide you through every troubling situation into calm and still waters. When you give you create a pathway for blessings to come to you, for giving or serving is an extension of the Great Law of Love. This Law is one of the great laws in nature."

With Love, Faith and Hope we connect with the holy trinity--we become a bridge from heaven to earth and therefore, anything is possible.

Won't you continue to count your blessings with me, and carry the Christmas Spirit throughout the whole year!

Merry Christmas to you all,

Much love, peace and light,