The significance of Reflection

Grand CaymanI said to my dad the other day, "Is it allowed that I feel like my life is a vacation?" He replied with, "Yes, you are very blessed!" That I am, and am incredibly grateful for! 2013 has been quite a ride, filled with lots of fun, personal growth and change. This holiday season, I'm taking time to reflect on all the blessings and lessons I'm experiencing. Adopting an attitude of gratitude is so important because it takes the pressure off of what's not working in our life and what we already have, right here at our fingertips.

I write to you from beautiful Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean. I feel like I was just here yesterday, when I posted about happiness in 2012 on New Years, from this very same place a year ago. I'd like to think that I did a little less 'doing' in 2013 like I intended, but rather, I dove into some creativity and fun, and have started to allow life to unfold before me, by letting my heart lead the way.

There's a spiritual significance to leaving this year behind, because it gives us space to invite newness into our lives. The law of circulation keeps our lives moving forward by way of a constant give and take, ebb and flow--cleansing, if you will. When we leave something behind, we create an opportunity for something better to take it's place along our path of evolution.

Writing out a list of all the things you're grateful for, and all the things you didn't enjoy, helps keep you aligned with your truth, so that you can set the best intentions for your highest self in 2014.

In Universal Kabbalah, it is said that when you write, you move from your head to your heart. I invite you to journal and reflect on your version of 2013, looking at each month to see the common theme of what did and didn't work for you this year, so you can have a clean slate on Jan. 1, 2014!

I recapped most of this past year in my previous moving post, but here, I'd like to share my highlights of 2013 in pictures to get you inspired! :)

JuicingJanuary raw foods experiment--not a sustainable diet for me.

Cape Cod SnowFebruary Snow Storm, Cape Cod, MA. Took advantage of being snowed in, to get my creative juices flowing!

The London EyeMarch in London and Paris got me totally inspired and invigorated!!

LoveApril: Relationship Challenged--forced to look at the patterns I'm re-creating to stop the madness!

KitchariMay: Ayurvedic Kitchari Cleanse--LOVED, NOURISHED and HEALED! :)

Wanderlust Festival, VTJune in Stratford VT, at Wanderlust Festival. Official Yogi <3

CaboJuly in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico--Yoga Teacher Certified!!

NantucketAugust on Nantucket, MA = Happy Birthday Girl!! Planted my seeds for age 32!

Central Park, NYCSeptember: Central Park, NYC. Inspired and evolved my hair craft at Arrojo Expo.

Venice Beach, CAOctober: Venice Beach, CA. Asking myself if I'm Touched, Moved and Inspired?

Santa Monica PierNovember: Santa Monica, CA QT with my bestie!

Boston SkyDecember: Boston/Cape Cod, MA. Back to my roots.

Everything is absolutely perfect just the way it is, so my intention is to release worry, doubt and fear of the unknown. To practice living one day at a time in 2014, with an attitude of gratitude, being present to what life has to offer me right now so that I allow life to show me the way instead of pushing and controlling. Won't you do the same?

Happiest of New Years to you!

Sat Nam and much love,