Are you REALLY trying to lose weight?

The Source, Hermosa BeachI've been on quite the journey when it comes to dieting, and have tried pretty much everything out there since the college freshman weight gain of 2000! Please read my Skinny Secrets and story. I'm now waking up to my own personal inner balance these past few years, and have really honed in on it the past six months with Ayurveda practices.

I got super clear on the balancing of energies when practicing Macrobiotics, after becoming vegan in 2011, but realized that it really wasn't sustainable for me, personally. I'm forever grateful that it propelled me to understand so much more about food than what many 'nutritionist' philosophies reveal, and helped me to learn how to cook and care for myself, and my health, using my own hands.

Through this exploration, I started to come out the other end, and landed in the Ayurveda world. What I'm learning now, is that my particular 'dosha', or personal body constitution, thrives more so on Ayurvedic practices. I am now marrying the two practices, and it is a beautiful fusion!

There are so many elements when it comes to dieting, but this article/link is really helpful in reassuring us that we need more self-love, along with some practical eating tips, designed for our unique selves, to live a life, rather than a diet, through Ayurveda.

"Appreciate Your Body.

Wake up Your True Hunger.

Decipher Your Cravings.

Restore Your Confidence.

Improve Your Circulation.

Cleanse Your Body.

Discover a NEW satisfaction with Food."--Joyful Belly Weight Loss

Won't you join me in this journey of finally feeling great and looking great!?

Many blessings to you.