Evolve: Live Simply by doing this...

Chatham, Cape Cod...by way of COMMITMENT! I went for a walk on the beach the other day on beautiful Cape Cod and was moved to tears realizing how simple and beautiful life is in each day and each moment if we just choose to be happy and fulfilled RIGHT NOW. Life really is simple. Staying present is the challenge ~ it's meditation in action!

I’m finally starting to embrace committing to a life here in Boston after much resistance this past year. I'm inspired and motivated to root in here, but don't think that little voice in the back of my head hasn't been questioning/doubting everything! This is nothing new of course, because this is my mojo…I have Uranus in my planetary chart 3 times. Uranus is vast and fast. It wants to be everywhere! That’s me! The key to balancing Uranus though, is to COMMIT, and not to change just for the sake of change. A serious challenge for me to say the least, and I'm sure all those who know me would agree! But, I've signed a lease! First step!! Woohoo!!

I’m realizing how important having a home base and building a foundation somewhere is, now more than ever. What I’m also realizing is so true is that “wherever you go there you are”, and so it’s no surprise that I’m able to create the life I love wherever I am ~ the logistics really don't matter much at all! I’m reminded of that as I take my daily walks.

Cape CodDuring my walk, I connect with my inner spirit, with God. I take a look around at the beautiful surroundings that I constantly find myself in! The sunset was glorious the other day! I was the only one on the beach! I got completely choked up and moved to tears when I realized that the only sounds that surrounded me were the gentle lapping of the ocean along the shore, and the only feelings I felt were the breeze on my face. What a gift to be alive in that present moment ~ the only place we ever are; we’re home when we connect with that experience. So no matter where I am, I can tap into that and feel the simplicity of my life.

In those moments I feel inspired to unplug from the world. The constant 'online drain' and the tv distractions out there disillusion us with the glorified ways of other people’s lifestyles. Where there is comparison there is judgment, doubt, fear and separateness, but we are all ONE. We’re all on this path of finding our truth together, and it lies within our own hearts—in the present moment of connecting with the Divine. Hence the story of Buddha, and many monks and sages in this lifetime that know that in nothingness, or simplicity, we find everything. We come home. To our center. The home that follows us wherever we are. The place where we can create anything! The opportunity to have fun, to be creative and completely engaged!

Chatham labyrinthTo walk our path, we must put one foot in front of the other, propelling forward, building our foundation, but “staying grounded in the present moment with an investment in our future”, as my Kabbalistic coach, Sivan suggests.

When I start questioning my decisions, or when I find myself comfortably keeping one foot in and one foot out, I’m just being a 'commitment-phobe'—and I wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend! Ha! This whole “fear of missing out” (FOMO) phenomenon that our society has become has us always thinking something better is around the corner, or there’s a better option available on the other end, but all of our needs are already met! We just have to go within. As my mom says, "There's no need to have a big menu Kate, keep it small". When I have too many choices, I want to have everything!

I'm incredibly grateful for my new beautiful home, my health, my family and friends, my job, eventually a significant other, the ability to practice yoga and go for daily walks in nature, my community, healthy, delicious food, and self care tools!

So here I am, committing to ME and creating the possibility of experiencing all of my hearts desires!

Thank you God!