Curly Girl Tricks w/ Clips!

Well curly girls, this is the third and final cut of that 20 minute video I shot of myself styling my curls using the Ouidad Rake and Shake technique! As I mentioned in the Curly Hair Styling Prep post, it was intended to be just one video, until I realized youtube had a 15 minute limit! Please pardon the editing job, as I literally just broke it up into segments in what turned out to be a 3 part series. This video picks up right where the last video ended, with me scrunching my curls using a towel.

In the first video, you learned how to get your sections situated correctly. In the second video, you learned how to define and separate your curls by setting your curls in place using Ouidad's Rake and Shake technique. In this video, you get the icing on the cake by learning how to use the duckbill clips to direct the hair and add volume! Ouidad is a genius! I miss working with her so much!!!

Your curls are now officially set and ready to dry! Remember ~ however you set curls when they're wet, is how they're going to dry! Now, all you have to do is let them dry naturally, or use a diffuser and keep your hands out of them--NO TOUCHING until dry! (more on that later) Stay tuned for the next video on diffusing!

Rock on curly girls!

Lots of love,