Keep Your Curls Frizz Free while drying with the diffuser.

Hey Curly Girls!

By now, you've watched the previous videos on setting your curls up for defined, shiny, frizz free locks! In this next video, I show you how to avoid where the frizz can creep in! Remember I've said, "However you position your hair when it's wet, is how it's going to dry."? Well, the first rule of thumb for a curly girl is to NOT touch the hair, (as I'm sure you all know)--but it'sespecially crucial when it's drying! All the magic is happening when it dries!

Sealing the 'set' with heat is going to ensure that your hair will come out the way you intended! Just like blowing your hair out smooth, the heat seals the cuticle and allows for you to get a few days out of your look. Use time and patience during this part (10-15min) so that all the work you did with the Rake and Shake isn't wasted! Even if you just diffuse for the first 5 minutes and let it air dry the rest of the way, you'll be in better shape. (Unless of course, you're a pro at keeping your hands out of it, staying away from wind, avoiding changing your shirt or layering on scarfs, hats and coats--all of which set you up for frizz;)

I hope this Diffusing Your Curls Video helps you master your own curls at home!

Rock on with your Curly Self!

Curly Style
Curly Style