Food Fave: Cultural Cuisines a la Sarah

the chunnelWhile on the 'chunnel' from London to Paris last spring, my world traveling cousin Sarah gave me insight into the Cultural Cuisines from around the world! London TubeShe likes to tell people she's "African-American"(her father is from a british colony in Kenya, and her mother is from Tennesse). Her parents are currently living in Kenya, so she has personal experience on the cuisines there: Corn, oatmeal, posho, ugali, Kale, Chiatties/Flatbreads, curry, goat (kebab), eritrea

She's been living in England since she was around 9 years old, so she's established quite the English palette: Banofee pie, roasts, mushy peas, pie, fish and chips, curry, kebab, marmite with butter on toast, crumpet. (I understand why they eat all those hardy dishes ~ it's really is unbelievably cold!)

She's lived in many different places in a short period of time:

Eiffel Tower, ParisIn Paris, she enjoyed the French diet of: cheese, wine, croissant/crepe, butter rich dishes, stews, and meat.

While living in Barcelona, Spain her diet consisted of: Oil, tapas, paella.

She loved living in Argentina! They eat: Beef, empanadas, media luna's (half moons/croissants with honey), facturas (pastries), pasta--homemade.

She loves the Brazilian culture (they're so nice and warm, she says)! They eat: empanadas, fish and meat on a stick (rodizedio).

She also lived in Belgium. All I got out of her was: waffles

A little ditty about Northern Italian food (not from Sarah, but from my friend, Michele): Traditionally they (poor farmers) ate 'peasant dishes' : Beans, basil, parsley, lots of herbs, lots of stews with chicken, lighter marinara dishes.

I can learn a whole lot from Sarah's worldy experiences! The best part about traveling with her is all the stories she tells of her abundant life!

One thing is for sure: Food is Culture. Food is LOVE and I can't wait to experience the many different cultures and the expression of that through their food!