BAR Bliss!

Yerba Mate Synergy Bar(Made in Asheville, NC, sold at Common Ground Cafe, Hyannis, MA. Probably my Favorite one!!) There are sooo many food bars out there nowadays because our fast paced society is relying on meal replacements to take on the run, rather than avoiding cooking for ourselves! Luckily, some mindful minds have put together some of the best ingredients around to make this packaged crazed world nutritious, and delicious!

I had gotten away from these packaged little goodies while on a strict Macrobiotic healing diet, but now I enjoy them every once in awhile. They're a fun snack and fit perfectly in your purse when you know you'll be out and about and don't want to wind up hungry! It's best to limit these bad boys to 1/2 x per week though--regardless of the quality, too much packaged goods leads to too much expansion and heat inside the body!

My love for scouting out the tastiest, healthiest options available has me celebrating all my DIVINE FINDS!!! I hope you too can stumble on these little gems soon!

The past few months I've found some really scrumptious, healthy (no sugar, high quality) unique, wrapped up treats and I share them with you! From raw to local and everything in between, I give you:

Sugar Mamas BarHailing from my neighboring island of M.V. (Martha's Vineyard, MA), bought from Earthly Delights, Cape Cod. Try all the different flavors and varieties!

Oskri BarNature's Candy Bar and found in most health food stores!

CocoMojoe Bar

The Bliss BarFound this one at a yoga studio in Santa Monica.  Namaste!

Moms MunchiesWhole Foods, Refrigerated Section!

budibarFound at Life Alive in Cambridge, MA.

Thank you God for all these treats! Enjoy the Bliss!