NYC Inspired

Central Park, NYC Nothing quite compares to the surge of energy I feel when walking the streets of NYC! My heart pounds, I have a spring in my step, I can't help but smile at everyone I pass, I could care less about how cold it may be, because it's invigorating! I LOVE New York!!

What a blessing it is to have the ability to get to NYC as often I have been able to these past few years, now that I'm back on the east coast! Any chance I can, I'm there! And thank God for my friend Michele to host me as I come through town! Wahe Guru!

I took advantage of taking an Event Hair Styling class at the Arrojo Academy in SoHo this past week and got my city fix! Not to mention, that it just so happened my Spiritual teacher from L.A. was leading a Spring Equinox event in the city that very same day! Coincidence? Divine Synchronicity at work, my friends! I'm feeling the love from above!

The heart pounding surge I felt this past weekend, was none other than being completely aligned with my hearts desires. My values of inspiration, learning, growing, evolving, connecting and finding freedom in adventure were all met. When we're aligned, there is peace and joy. There is LOVE in every moment! Love for where I am, right here and now! Feeling supported and ALIVE!

I'm learning that life is happening right now! Not tomorrow, when 'I have it all figured out'. It's time to seize the day! Do what you love and love what you do! Enjoy your surroundings and be grateful for the gifts in each day! When I have a spring in my step, I'm happier, lighter, and more carefree! I welcome the Divine Encounters and bask in the moments!

I basked in my event styling workshop. I took advantage of talking with the educator after class, and engaged in conversation with all the students and teachers that bustled by inside the studio and academy, to learn from them and to be inspired by their paths.

I seeked out my favorite vegan store, the juice press and sampled their amazing soup. I talked with the employees about their favorite restaurants in the area (ginger snaps in lower east side, and rockin raw in the village),  and boy did I enjoy their prepared breakfasts and lunches ~ creating a sacred time to enjoy them in my lobby of the hotel, with a cup of fresh tea!

I enjoyed feeling like a true New Yorker and hopped on the 1 Subway uptown to the Naam Yoga event and joined the wonderful community there, seeing some of my old friends from the teacher training in Cabo and from the Center in L.A.! Meeting up with them for dinner afterwards at Rockin Raw and enjoying catching up! All gifts from above!

It's so important for me to stay aligned with my values, so I take time out to make these things happen! If I don't, I will quickly feel stuck with limiting feelings of doubt. My spiritual practice allows me to be in tune with what my heart desires. If I was stuck in the ego mind, I would be too practical ~ I would argue all the reasons why I shouldn't go to NYC (money, work, etc.). But my life is happening now and I want to live it to the fullest, with a balance of responsibility! ;)

Won't you do the same?

Sat Nam