Evolve: Be Still and LET GO!

Grand CaymanThere are so many types of vacations. I personally prefer the adventurous, inspirational vacations through Europe or multi-cultural cities where I can feel stimulated, educated and alive with activities, but the relaxing, rejuvenating vacations offer so much more than they seem! I'm uncomfortable when it comes to sitting still. I want to move and explore! So you can expect that 2 weeks in Cayman was kind of stretch for me! Leisurely meandering from hammock, to kitchen, to sand to ocean can really test your urge to DO!

I realize that I am so blessed to have been in that perfect space in time to enjoy nature's beauty and all the elements that surrounded me! I realize that I was placed there for a reason. There's always a lesson. The more you sit still and do nothing, the more you see everything. Everything comes from nothing. To simply just BE can really re-wire the circuits in your brain.

I look at my baby nephew and watch as each day he gets up, eats, plays, naps and that's about it! What a life! Yet he's changing every single day! Even if it looks like we're doing nothing, we are moving and growing in new ways we can't even imagine, without having to push and control!

When we let go of the chores, the need for perfection to perform at our best, to be productive, to create, to push and move, we can tap into the most basic part of our being--LOVE. Love as simple and pure as a baby. Love of just being here and soaking up the beauty in all things and all beings that surround us. To be like Buddha.

Grand Cayman

Once I reached day 10 on my two week vacation, I was able to actually let go of the 'itch' to be more stimulated / less 'bored' and I embraced the non-doing to actually see my family and my surroundings in its most purest form--without all the clutter of my ego driven mind. It took me that long to actually free myself from the limitations of perception and previous 'baggage' to actually be present. Being present is when we actually meet God. The present moment is filled with everything--filled with LOVE!

So do yourself a favor and take a vacation often, whether in your mind, your own home, a day of solitude in nature or your meditation space--the stillness of non-doing will take you through waves of anxiousness, frustration, a busy mind and body to finally arriving to the here and now.

This is why God created Sunday, or Sabbath--in Universal Kabbalah, day 7 is ruled by the energy of Saturn. It took 7 days for God to create the universe. Each day representing a certain energy. On day 7 / Saturn day, it was a day for prayer and contemplation, to go within--to stop. It's the last piece of the puzzle of creation--we can't always do. It's just as important to NOT do. You really don't have anywhere else to be because you are meant to open your eyes and experience where the Divine Synchronicity of your life has brought you to. Enjoy the moment and bask in the bliss!