Food Fave's: Barley Breakfast Bowl

Vegan Barley Breakfast Bowl This is for all you healthy, veg - eaters out there, sans gluten free! I’ve had my mason jar filled with Barley for months now! I haven’t used it because I’ve been on a Kitchari kick!! When I was deep in my Macrobiotic lifestyle, I was rotating my daily grain with a vengeance, and had every grain on hand, but once I discovered my constitution (primary doshas), and learned that grains, like Millet weren’t ideal, I stuck to just a few essentials, forgetting about my other grain friends!

I’ve recently turned a corner with my diet and am implementing some new foods and practices with my newfound understanding of Ayurveda! It’s Spring Time, which means it’s Kapha Season! Kapha qualities are wet and heavy, so in order to dry them out, and lighten up, we can eat grains like Barley, along with millet, asparagus, celery, corn, etc!!

Check out my yummy Barley Bowl Breakfast porridge inspired by John Douillard of the 3 Season Diet book to help detox this spring!

As I was cooking up my daily goods yesterday morning, I got a pot of barley going, brining 1/2C barley mixed with 1 1/2C water to a boil. Adding a pinch of salt and then covering and simmering with 1/3 of a diced apple for about 20min. I mixed it with a handful of raisins (dried fruit is best for spring), a handful of pumpkin seeds and some honey placed it in a bowl. It was a simple, satisfying, light way to start my day!

I hope you try it and enjoy!

Ps: Barley Tea is perfect for spring time also:)