Hair Help: Trendy Hair Color is here to stay!

Arrojo AcademySparkle ~ Expensive ~ Luxurious ~ Victoria Secret All buzz words I picked up from my latest workshop on Hair Painting at the Arrojo Academy in SoHo, NYC. As usual, I was totally inspired by the professionalism, craftsmanship and creativity this brand always delivers! Continuing education is priceless if you're someone like me who craves learning and expanding! And who doesn't want an excuse to go hang out in Manhattan?!

Hair Painting

Hair Painting is a free hand approach inspired from the classic French Balayage technique developed in the 1970's to craft highlights without foils; creating light to break up solid, heavy, dark hair, and creating shadow where we want dimension. All of which lends itself to creating chaos, movement and excitement within the hair that looks natural and childlike. The grow out is less maintenance because there isn't a solid line of demarcation.

Are we looking to enhance the whimsical, airy, romantic look (curly girls)? Or are we looking to add drama and bold pops of color (thick, dark hair)? Either way, we're contouring and customizing to the hair texture, density and curl pattern. OMG it was so FUN!

Hair Painting Arrojo

Ombre (which means shadow) is here to stay, but with a more modernized softer look, and a play on unique shades and tones of rosy blondes or woodsy brunettes.

Come out and play!!