Reviews & Rec's: A quick read for a much needed boost of confidence!

Make Every Man Want YouI've been following Marie Forleo now for awhile, and love her business savvy tips and tricks! She's a little guru in my eyes for living a successful and fulfilling life, so if you don't know, now you know:)! I knew she had written an e-book, but had never felt called to read it until recently. I had been feeling really doubtful in some areas of my life so I downloaded it while on vacation to "Become So Irresistible, I'd barely keep from Dating Myself";).

Although the title sounds like this book is about finding a man, it's actually a book about falling in love with yourself! It's a quick and easy read, and seems to me that it's rooted in Landmark Education (I'm a graduate, so I know;). Regardless of already knowing this info, its always a great reminder to check in to the present moment! She's re-inspired me to look at all the opportunities I already have surrounding me all the time; to be in love, to be fulfilled, and to look and feel my best!

If you're needing a quick pick me up, I think you'll really enjoy this!

Become your Irresistible Self NOW:)