Evolve: You are your family.

FamilyI enjoyed this past Easter Sunday with my family, and have since been reflecting on the significance of spending time with loved ones during any holiday celebration. The holidays bring families together, and in turn, can end up igniting some unwanted negative thoughts or feelings. This is actually a good thing! We can't run away from who we are. When we are surrounded by family, we see ourselves in each other. We are all mirroring something right back at us. It's uncomfortable, but if we don't face it and embrace it, we really can't move forward towards being our best and highest self.

I had been living with my mom for the past year and a half, and as much as we are the best of friends, I'm sure she would agree that we both tested each other's patience. Ultimately though, we were granted a gift to be able to spend that time together to heal and to grow. Everything completes itself. There's always a cycle and a pattern, or a knot to unravel.

Being on Christmas vacation this past year, day in and day out with my family for two weeks, really showed me some things as well. I am quick to judge, criticize and resist others' ways, but again, it is a gift to be able to look a little deeper, to see where I can shift, where I can drop the 'drama' and 'the story' of what I make things mean.

All there is is truth. Emotions are just storms passing through, whether good or bad. If we can see through the 'drama', we can see that there is only love. We came from that love and we are that love. When we criticize, judge and disapprove, we are only just judging, disapproving and criticizing ourselves. Why do that!? It doesn't make any sense!

I feel so blessed that I can actually go to the source of any karmic influence in my life by giving harmonyum treatments to my parents. To think that I can be the medium to invoke the love back into the root cause of any disturbance, to in turn shift my life, my brother's life, my nephew's life, and future generations to come, is such a blessing! During a treatment, we merge with the infinite and re-ignite that love!

Even if you are not a Harmonyum practitioner, we can all still do our parts of being more loving, kind and compassionate to those that frustrate, annoy and push our buttons the most! As Dr. Levry says, "your enemies are angels, and your friends and families are archangels". We're all in it together and are at the source of whatever is reflected back at us. Practice forgiving, drop your 'drama', push the ego (edging God out) aside, and be the love that you already are, keeping in mind that every being shows us something about our selves--whether it be the light or the shadow side.

There's always something to learn from every encounter, and our families give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves--to get closer to our truth, and ultimately, to God.