Food Fave! A quick and healthy non-cooking dinner option!

Amy's Soups Always the best option for dinner ~ SOUPS!

Dinner time is also known as the 'gentle meal' in Ayurveda, so getting all your nutrients in one pot, where it can be easily digested, is a no brainer!

Soups can take about 20min. to an hour to cook, depending on whether you're using grains or beans, so while taking the time to cook for yourself is an investment, it is always the best option! When time is of the essence, however, having some ready made, healthy option soups in the cupboard is a great way to plan ahead for when life gets a little cray cray!

Amy's is the BEST BRAND out there! I love all her products! When I go shopping, I always grab one or two soups to keep on hand. They're satisfying, low sodium, and use good quality, organic ingredients! You can find them at natural food markets and Whole Foods!