Evolve: Sensitized vs. De-Sensitized

Wanderlust Festival, VTLast summer, at the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont, I took a yoga class with Suzanne Sterling. Her style of teaching is so unique; fusing her love for music and yoga into her classes! She once performed music in bars and clubs, and now takes it to the mat inside a studio filled with like-minds. She eloquently stated that she was once 'de-sensitized' in those bars, and has since become 'sensitized' with her yoga practice. This rang so true with my own personal journey! I haven't been able to articulate all the shifts that have been happening to me since I started meditating and changing my diet. It's almost as if I've opened up 'pandora's box' now that I've become 'sensitized' to living ~ you never know what you're going to discover along your path to transformation!

It's like this hilarious article about the irony of being healthy ~ who are these people walking around talking about candida overgrowth!? Only the people working on healing themselves are the ones with these issues! Maybe it's just better to be blissed out in ignorance!;)

It's a blessing and a curse all at once, being so clean with my diet, that after eating one bite of my friends vegan tart pie a couple weeks ago at the amazing Pure Foods in Union Square, NYC, I instantly got a canker sore inside my mouth because it was too acidic! What the heck?!

The first time this happened was on vacation with my family in Florida a few years back. I had been super serious with my Macrobiotic diet, and after one bite of shrimp cocktail ~ bam ~ I got a huge blood blister on the side of my tongue!

Since then, I've had many instances where I'll get a reaction to eating anything too acidic ~ chocolate, cocktail sauce, ketchup, vinegar, mustard, certain fruits, salsa, etc...I've become quite the detective! But it's exhausting, not to mention, annoying!!

blood blister on tongue


(gross pic, I know, but I couldn't believe this happened after eating a macro dish at an L.A. vegan Macrobiotic restaurant! It ended up being a reaction to the vinegar in the sauce...seriously!?)

Other people who don't eat as cleanly as I do aren't dealing with these issues, and I'm the one putting all the effort into being healthy! Can't I catch a break?! I can't even enjoy one glass of wine anymore, or eat too close to bedtime without my whole night's sleep completely ruined! What's a girl to do?

My brother keeps telling me that my diet is too clean ~ if I ate a little bit of the bad stuff more often, my body wouldn't react so sensitively! Makes sense, but I can't wrap my head around that either! After all, I've put so much time and energy into my diet and health to go backwards! This is why in Macrobiotics, they advise you to eat out to 2/3 meals per week so that you don't become too 'babied' by your own foods. I need to live in the real world and adjust to outside influences, but that means going against the grain! Not easy!

After a cleanse, 'they' advise you to introduce your old foods back into your diet one day at a time to see how you react. You see, we've all become 'de-sensitized' to our environments! If that canker sore or blood blister wasn't showing up in my mouth, can you imagine what it's actually doing to my insides?! (example of blessing and curse;). In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, your tongue tells the whole story about your health and what's going on inside. It's no wonder the reactions are coming up there!

What about the physical, emotional, and mental sensitivities we're enduring from our fast paced world!? A few years ago, I remember how difficult running was until I started getting chiropractic adjustments. Running became that much easier once they straightened me out! My body had been over-compensating for the lack of alignment! Imagine where else our bodies, minds, and emotions are over-compensating for the extra stressors we carry around with us!

The cleaner (more sensitized) you become in body, mind and spirit, the more intuitive and aware you are to what does and doesn't serve you anymore. It's sad to walk away from the things that have de-sensitized me for all these years, but it's just part of the process of waking up to my highest and best self!

I'm so glad that Suzanne Sterling opened up the conversation with that concept because as we evolve it's sometimes hard to find our new footing in the world. She allowed me to realize that there are many others on this path of truth ridding themselves of the things that don't serve them! It can be challenging living a new life amongst all the people who were a part of my old life...but I must keep walking towards my truth, just as Suzanne has stopped singing in bars and now sings in yoga studios!

Follow the light! Namaste Suzanne!