Hair Help: The Best time to cut your hair + how to avoid frizz, thinning and gray!

yoga mudraIt's a New Moon, which is a great time to bring new energy into your life, and to cut your hair if you're looking to grow it! Bet you didn't think there was a spiritual significance to the divine essence of your hair!! But energy is everything!!!

Hair is literally an extension of your electromagnetic field (aka aura). I'm not sure what that says about me, being that my hair is kinky curly, wild and thick! I do have some insight into it though now that I understand doshas in Ayurveda studies. Thick hair represents a Kapha type person. Curly, fine hair is a Vata trait, and thinner (which I don't have), gray or light colored hair (starting to gray! Ah!) are Pitta characteristics.

If you are experiencing dry, frizzy hair or are balding or thinning, check in with this article to see where you could counteract the imbalance of the root cause!

Reduce gray hair by using a yoga mudra therapy exercise ~ rub your nail beds together (leaving out the thumbs) for 15 minutes per day (you can break it up into 5 minutes, 3 times a day). The nail beds hold lots of prana (life energy) and stimulates the sunlight fluid to produce new cells and return your hair to its natural pigment.

Cut your hair during the new moon period if you are looking to grow it long. While the moon waxes during those two weeks, you create space for new energy to take its place when you release it. Conversely,  if you are trying to maintain the same length, then trim it during the waxing moon (two weeks after the full moon) which is a time to let go.

Your hair will be happy in no time!