LifeStyle Lessons: Break your fast with healthy options

Breakfast porridgeThe biggest question I get from clients and friends when transitioning into a more vegan (plant based) diet, is "What do I eat for breakfast?" after they've been used to eating eggs, bacon, milk, and sugar filled cereals! In Macrobiotics and Ayurveda, we start our morning off right by breaking the fast with warm, soothing grains! Warm food is easiest to digest. A lot of fitness fanatics opt for the cold smoothie filled with many ingredients such as nuts, seeds, superfoods, fruits and veggies but this will make your belly work harder! Breakfast is considered 'the spiritual meal' in Ayurveda! Too many ingredients are hard to assimilate, not to mention the cold temperature and raw veggies compromising your digestion!

Opting for 'perfect porridges 'are ideal, but for some variety, choose any of these options below (have your smoothie occasionally, just keep it simple and don't make it too thick or cold!;):

Rotating Breakfast Options (slightly evolved from my first breakfast post):

#1) “Instant Oatmeal” inspired by Alicia Silverstone:

A bowl full of rolled oats (I like 1C), chopped pear/apple (1/3), diced dates (maybe 4/5), maple syrup or honey (1/2tsp), a few shakes of cinnamon and/or cardamom, a pinch of salt, and a handful of nuts. Steep in a bowl of boiling water with plate to cover for oats to absorb.

#2) Ezekiel toast with avocado spread and squeeze of lemon, drizzle of olive oil and pinch of salt, or 1TBS almond butter and 1tsp honey.

an ayurveda smoothie~pineapple and banana with turmeric, ginger, coconut oil , maca and almond milk

#3) A simple smoothie a la Sivan with 1C berries, 1C dairy free milk alternative and 1tsp of Vita-Mineral Greens. You can add banana or nut butter to thicken, or even a little honey to sweeten!

tofu scramble

#4) Tofu Scramble (can also be a fun dinner option!) a la Alicia ~ saute veggies of your choice, then crumble tofu on top and season with turmeric and tamari and cook for a few more minutes.  Top with seeds and parsley. Served with slice of ezekiel.

#5) Steel Cut Oats simmered with chopped apples and raisins. Topped with honey or maple syrup.

#6) Perfect Porridge – any fresh or left over whole grain (I like to use amaranth or quinoa if not using steel cut oats) brought to a boil with almond milk and chopped apples, then simmered til soft (about 10-15 min.) Top with dried fruit and/or nuts/seeds.

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Good Morning!!