Food Fave: Sweet Tooth Satisfaction!

earth cafe cheesecakeOne of my all time FAVE raw, vegan desserts! Anytime I have a sweet tooth craving, these are sure to please! You can find them in your local Natural Foods store, or Whole Foods in the refrigerated section! The cheesy, creamy comfort comes from a blend of cashews, coconut butter, and dates. They do add agave, which should only be consumed in small amounts, but this treat isn't too sweet! It's just right! earth cafe raw vegan cheesecake

And who doesn't love some good word of inspiration to eat your way towards?! (I'm surprised I didn't lick those last little crumbs up!)

earth cafe cheesecakeThank you Earth Cafe for delighting us health conscious folks with some subtle sweetness that does a body good! All the flavors are amazing! It's just pure perfection on your fork!

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And as always, I invite you to comment on your FAVE healthy food finds!