Reviews & Rec's: An Herbalist's Creations

Pitta SpicingThis is a shout-out to my Ayurvedic Practitioner on Cape Cod. I've talked about my little healer angel friend Julie Wardwell of Chalice Wellness who has guided me in seasonal cleansing in previous posts, but what I haven't mentioned is that in addition to giving consultations for your health, she's also a little artist behind the scenes whipping up all sorts of herbal concoctions! Abyhangha OilOne of my most favorite self care routines is doing an abyhanga (means self love oil) massage at night. It grounds and relaxes me which is something I desperately need each day! This last batch of her Vata/Pitta oil she made for me is out of this world amazing!!! Once you try it, you'll know what I'm talking about!! (The label has faded due to heating up the oil in hot water).

I've also purchased a customized Pitta seasoning blend for cooking, a tri-doshic tea to relax me at night, and herbal supplements.

Tri-Doshic TeaWhat a little gift to the Cape Cod Community she is! There are many places to purchase these ayurvedic goodies, but why not support your local artisans who create such beautiful products with heart centered intentions!

Find here and like her here. Om Shanti, Julie!