LifeStyle Lessons: Feeling Exhausted? Attend to your Adrenals!

green apple juiceSometimes I find myself so tired I can barely walk home or peel myself up off the couch. Does this ever happen to you? I usually hit this 'wall' around 3pm and I beat myself up for it! Why am I so tired? I had a great night sleep, a yoga practice, a walk, healthy food, all the things that should contribute to health and wellness, right? What I haven't been taking into consideration is all the doing I do and ignoring the need for my body to relax!

It has become a pretty obvious pattern these past couple weeks so I asked my Wellness Coach about it. She told me to start taking an herb called ashwaganda. This herb strengthens the immune system and supports the adrenals. When we feel completely exhausted, our Pitta (the fire energy) is burned out. When this happens, it contributes to a host of adrenal related problems. Adrenals are housed by the kidneys (the seat of health). Stress, overwork and over doing can lead to many health problems if not acknowledged or treated at the first signs ~ exhaustion.

So this week, with the waning moon's cooling, calming, restorative affects, my intention is to COOL DOWN my Nervous System and create RELAXATION!!!

My Rx:

Tri-Doshic TeaI'm taking ashwaganda with breakfast,

and drinking a cooling juice in the afternoon made of 1 cucumber, 2 green apple, 1 lemon mixed with 2TBS aloe vera gel and 3 pinches of himalyan pink salt.

Less talking, more restorative yoga, and more pranayam (breathwork) ~

deep breathing: inhale 10 counts. hold 10 counts. exhale 10 counts,  and

left nostril breathing: inhale through the left nostril with your right thumb blocking the right nostril. Exhaling through the right nostril with the right pinky blocking the left nostril. Alternating like that for 3-11min.

Aaahhhh Relaxation and Rejuvenation...won't you try it with me?