Evolve: Taking the Long Way Home

Boston Charles River" First mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. Then mountains are no longer mountains and rivers no longer rivers.

Finally, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers" --The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

This piece from the book I just read (totally recommend!) made me literally laugh out loud because it perfectly articulated the way I've been feeling! I had to find a post-it and a pen immediately to write it down! Everything seems to come back around for me. It is all connected. It is all one. It's a discovery into the depths of my soul through many experiences only to come back to the basics.

For instance, I've been to the extremes with my diet only to now back off to a more neutral place where my body is back to where it was years ago, I've lived across the country only to come back to my roots, I've expanded my career direction to different areas only to keep honing in on what it is that I do well ~ always expanding and always re-centering. This is life in a nutshell!

It's similar to that quote I wrote about in a recent post about falling down a hole. We're given a new opportunity each day to create a life we love by way of experience. Some learn quicker than others, or some (me) take the long way back to center, back to the home that lies within our hearts. What a gift to be able to learn, to fall down, and to get back up anew though!

I had a conversation with a fellow yogi friend and teacher the other day about all my ideas and dreams and how I tend to feel overwhelmed with them all that it feels paralyzing. She said, "Where are you trying to get? There's nowhere to get!" I loved that! It's so true! Staying in the day is the true art of living a fulfilling life! When I stay in the day, I'm grateful for all the moments strewn together. I enjoy where I am rather than where I'm going. Why do we stress ourselves with rushing around and staying so busy!?

Boston Public GardensI want to be the girl who lays on park benches, takes a sunrise walk and watches the sunset, taking in all the moments of this glorious day!

So this week, I've intended to do just that and it is Miraculous I tell you! By just doing what I love, I don't feel like I have to be anywhere else!

So, last night I brought my dinner with me to work so that I could stop in the Boston Public Gardens and eat on a park bench on my way home. I listened to children laughing, watched couples holding hands walking by, felt the calm cool air on my face as the day came to a close, and laughed at the ducks in the pond.

Charles River, Boston

On Sunday, I work up super early and was inspired to get outside in the day, so I did! I whipped up a smoothie and brought it down to the docks along the Charles River and sat there watching the wind turn directions as the boats kept turning to face into it. I breathed in the fresh morning air and enjoyed the peace and stillness. ( I feel like Henry Thoreau watching the day pass by...so amazing!)

On Monday night, I took a sunset stroll along the river and was inspired to stop and plop down on a bench (I'm not a plopper! I'm a walker!) to watch the sun set along the city. These magical moments are what I'm living for!

Charles River, BostonI'm learning to cultivate slowing down, cooling down and enjoying the journey of life! Better late than never in taking the long way home ~ to this day!;) Won't you do the same?