Evolve: What I learned in the process of Letting Go...

Beacon Hill Store FrontHappy Wednesday and New Moon everyone! The past two weeks of the waning moon were pretty emotional for me. (Not surprising because that's what the moon encompasses ~ emotions) How about you? My intention for the waning moon was to let go of fear, doubt, worries and anxiety. Boy, have things been showing up for me! I found myself overwhelmed with grief and nostalgia this past week, not to mention caught in an all too familiar emotional conversation that weighed heavy on me. I've been on the verge of tears for the past few days, getting choked up while reading my book, and waking up to unsettling dreams. I realize this is all part of the 'letting go' process.

During the wake of this week, I've been guided to some amazing beings who have been of service to me to remind me of all the tools I already have within me and around me. One of my wonderful, spiritually centered clients reminded me that it's easy to get caught in the emotional body if I haven't been as dedicated to my meditation practice! So true! I was so grateful for that reminder! No matter how busy I am with this new transition in my life, it's all the more reason to stay rooted in my spiritual practice ~ to do my daily breathing techniques and to sit and pray!

It is the single most important thing for me to do first thing in the morning, especially being a healer and a teacher! It cleans the aura (electromagnetic field), clears karma (the past) and opens my heart to blessings.

I was also reminded to feel. Feel the feelings as they come up. In the book, "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior", he mentions that babies are the only beings who really express themselves authentically. They cry when they are sad, they laugh when something is funny, and they sleep when they're tired. As we get older, we barrel through these emotions and stuff them down deep, not feeling them. We are human, therefore we must feel! So when bouts of grief are triggered for me, when I'm missing somebody, or something, or when I'm taking on the emotional pain of somebody else, I must allow those feelings to surface ~ to say hello to them and then let them go. This is meditation in practice.

What keeps coming up for me in this process is to release any and all attachments to the form of the ways in which I think things should be going.

In order to elevate beyond that limited mind set of how I think things should be, I can instead remember that we are all here to serve ~ to uplift the universe one person at a time, and to rise to the occasion of spreading our own love and light. Life is that simple.

Last night, Gabrielle Bernstein's SpiritJunkie Masterclass video talked about 'being where you are now' and to "Stop Future Tripping!' This was huge for me! If I focus on how I can be of service ~ giving, rather than getting somewhere in each given moment or opportunity, I can let go of worry and doubt.

While I experienced my unsettling waves of emotions this past week, I now realize the importance of dedication to prayer and meditation each day, and the opportunities that are already surrounding us to be of service.

Wahe Guru to the lessons I learned from my intention to let go! I hope you all rode the waning moon wave with grace, and that you can set an intention for new energy to come into your life with the new moon today.