Food Fave! Macro Vegetarian Prepared Foods!

Macro VegetarianProbably my all time fave lunch on the go! Thank God for this amazing company that makes healthy macrobiotic vegan prepared foods! I have found them in all the local natural food stores and Whole Foods here in the Massachusetts area. The company is based out of New York, so I'm assuming they're covering most of the northeast! macro vegetarianAny and all of their goods are amazing, totally satisfying, and yummy for a meal on the run! Whenever I don't have time to prepare my lunch, these are my go-to's that I can count on for bringing to work! While they may not be gluten free,  they are filled with nutrients and love so they are easily assimilated and digested!<3

macro vegetarianAs much as I love Whole Foods, I don't always love their hot food bar or salad bars, so I choose these instead! You can find them in the refrigerated prepared foods section. Make sure you get these for dessert! ;)