LifeStyle Lessons: The Secret to 'Cheating' on your Diet

veggie galaxyWhile I don't like the label, 'diet', I do believe that in order to take care of our bodies we should approach our 'diet' like a bank account, as Bethenny Frankel suggests. Through cultivating mindfulness we can find a natural rhythm to enjoy food while looking good and feeling good too! "You can have it all, just not all at once!" is my favorite saying from Bethenny Frankel.

As I've discovered in my self studies of Macrobiotics and Ayurvedic principles, food is at the source of everything ~ it is the physical life force! It nourishes us but also brings us joy and emotional satisfaction! It is the expression of LOVE, of creation! With that being said, we need to find our unique middle path to moderately enjoy all of these gifts!

In Macrobiotics, it is recommended to eat out to 3 meals per week. That can be anything your heart desires! You can choose to eat all 3 in one day and have yourself a 'cheat day', or spread it out throughout the week. I typically go for the sweets, but definitely find myself indulging in a vegan pizza or veggie burger and sweet potato fries often!

In Ayurveda, it is recommended to eat your 'cheat meal' in the middle of the day. Choose to eat your desserts or any other indulgence when the sun peaks in the sky. (Anytime between 11-2 respectively). This way, your digestive fire can properly assimilate the food and your body will be able to cleanse while you sleep at night.

Enjoy food, but do it wisely. For example, the other day I had a treat after lunch, but found myself in Whole Foods at dinner time (hungry) staring at the sweets section. I had to keep myself in check by realizing that I already had a sweet that day and I could probably do without so as to give my body a rest until the next day. Treating your diet like a bank account on the daily is very useful! Bethenny's tips from her books are always speaking to me in the back of my head ("You can have it all, just not all at once, Kate!")

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