Food Fave: My new version of Caramello Bars!!

Not Your Sugar MamaWhen the sweet tooth kicks in, I can always find satisfaction in a healthy alternative! I was in Whole Foods the other day and found myself craving chocolate! Not normally something I crave since I'm usually a cookie, or pie, or cake kind of gal, but every once in awhile I forget just how much I love chocolate! NOt Your Sugar MamasI've mentioned in my Bar Bliss post about this amazing company called, Not Your Sugar Mamas, but I've only tried one of their flavors until the other day. OMG this one hit the spot!!! It's the Chocolate Caramel Combo called, BE RICH with the beautiful golden packaging! The tagline, "See You In Heaven" is on point! Seriously, it's better than my childhood love for Caramello bars, and just so happens to be raw and vegan! Win/Win, I'll say!

Try it and you'll see! It's decadent! And so fun to unwrap!