Hair Help: Do you LOSE lots of HAIR in the shower?

Curly Kate (crazy picture of me, I know)

No need to stress my curly girls, (and those of you who don't wear it super smooth or don't brush it) it is natural for you to lose lots of hair in the shower!

Clients are always asking me if this should be a concern and my answer is always: "are you losing more than usual?" If the answer is yes, then you may in fact have some sort of imbalance going on, or are experiencing breakage, but that is usually not the case. The reason why you're losing globs of hair in the shower is solely because us curly girls don't brush our hair!

Think about it ~ We all shed some crazy amount of hairs per day because of the natural cycle of hair growth (same as our eyelashes, eyebrows, etc). So, when your hair is smooth, the natural cycle of shedding slips right out of the hair effortlessly, and gets caught on your clothes, found on the floor, or comes out onto the brush, or your fingers, right?!

Conversely, when your hair is curly, the strands from the natural shedding process have nowhere to go and it just gets tangled within itself and wraps around your curls. So, when you go to wash your hair, it is likely that you'll find lots of hair in your comb as you're detangling the proper way. This is totally normal! Especially if you're like most curlies, and you only shampoo every 2/3 days (or more for some of you), the more shedding you'll accumulate!

So, have no fear my friends unless you really are going through extra stress, or some sort of imbalance, and are noticing bald spots or excessive hair loss! If that's the case, best to check out this post, and talk to a doctor.