Evolve: Aligning with my Natural Essence

jennifer butlerMy aunt asked me the other day why I was growing in my natural hair color. Ever since I was 16 years old, I've been highlighting my hair. Once I became a hair stylist, I started trying on all sorts of different colors and stayed with being blonde over the past 7 years. I love being blonde! It's that surfer/Cali girl vibe that I'm drawn to. Think Kate Hudson, Blake Lively...so, you ask why would I want to grow in my dark brown hair? Well, I was introduced to this Master Color and Designer in L.A. this past fall. Her name is Jennifer Butler. She is an amazing artist. She can look at you and tell you what season you represent based on your coloring, and help you dress in alignment with your unique body type. It was a fascinating experience. I walked in without any makeup on, a white t-shirt and my hair in a pony tail, just as she asked, and immediately she was able to place me as a 'Dusty Rose Summer'. All this time, I have been dressing and representing myself as a 'Spring'.

When she told me about 'Summer', it made total sense that that was my true essence, but I wasn't portraying that to the world. In yoga, we align with our own inner truth through discovery and practice. It's one and the same with how we embrace our own outer appearance in order to relate to people in a grounding way. It will absolutely be a life long practice of choosing colors I don't usually choose, and wearing my hair more muted...not to say that I have to follow these 'rules', but I do think it's an interesting concept and one that I'm open to exploring.

So, I've decided to let my natural color come through (grays and all--what? where did they come from!?), but don't think I won't still color it! I'll just use dimensional colors from my given palette instead of bright blondes on top of my new natural base. (I personally think that we should all have some accent colors in our hair ~ especially curlies!).

Aligning with my inner truth through yoga practices and mindfulness, through decorating my home and myself to express my own inner self, and through eating in alignment with my unique constitution as a Pitta-Vata (Ayurvedic Dosha) I can find a happy balance point and feel really grounded in the physical world. All of these aspects are part of evolving into my highest and best self and it's a really fun practice and experience!

I'm so thankful I was guided to Jennifer Butler, even if I don't encompass her suggestions fully yet, it's something I can always reflect upon and was an interesting element of holistic healing through an old school art form. Check her out at JenniferButlerColors.com to see her magical work. I hope this inspires you to think about how you express yourself to the world.

Wahe Guru!