LifeStyle Lessons: Feeling a little crazy, anxious or unsettled?

kukicha tea If you're like I was a couple weeks ago, or my client was the other day, and have over indulged, haven't slept well, drank too much wine or just are all around over stimulated, you could very well be feeling totally wired and need to come back to earth!

I know myself and if I don't get a good night's sleep, or have had sugar or wine, I will likely feel very 'yin', according to Macrobiotics, or a vata imbalance, according to Ayurveda ~ the extreme effects of expansion. When we feel this way, we need to ground ourselves! When we're up in the clouds, we need to come down to our root chakra. We can choose to eat root veggies to help; lots of times, eating carrot soup, or warming up a carrot juice will do the trick. But, I found myself craving Kukicha tea and dates the other week, and passed along that recommendation to my client too!


Even though dates are a natural sugar (yin effect) they have a heavy quality that can really settle the  vata imbalance of feeling ungrounded.

Kukicha tea is a twig tea from the Green tea family in Japan and is also very grounding in nature. It's also very alkalizing and tones the kidneys, which are the organs that feel the stress of over stimulation. To read more about the magical healing properties of kukicha, check out this previous post.

So, a little tried and true remedy for those times when you need to get back into your body, listen to what it needs and see if a cup of kukicha tea and a few dates will do the trick.

Be sure to get a good night's sleep, do some restorative yoga and breathe deeply.