Evolve: A time to Celebrate YOU

wild flowersThe planet Venus is the energy of LOVE. The universe is created by way of our 7 planets, according to the teachings of Universal Kabbalah. Nothing is created in one day. Each day of the week goes through a specific planetary energy. Venus being the 6th day of the week, the flower before the fruits of our labor. This is a time to celebrate ourselves, to enjoy music, the arts, family and relationships, to adorn ourselves and our surroundings with beauty. That's why the collective energy of Friday is a time to go out and meet up with friends, have a drink, dance, listen to music, etc. Energy flows all on it's own...Wahe Guru!

Just as there are weekly, daily and universal planetary energies, we all each have our own personal planetary calendar year that we go through, based on the day we were born. I spoke of my Saturn period last year, if you'd like to read that post here. This time, I'd LOVE to share my Venus celebrations with you!

OMG, am I ever enjoying this beautifully blissful, celebratory time in my life right now. As you may have noticed, I've kind of been slacking on my blog posts. Not because I don't have anything to write, believe me, I have post-its flying out my ears with topics to share with you, not to mention a whole 3 pages of topics in my post queue. But, I've just been so busy basking in my BLISS!

Boston GardensI entered into my Venus period on May 9, just 3 days after I moved into my new apartment in Boston! I've literally been surrounded by flowers in the Boston Gardens, by beauty in the new salon I'm working in on Newbury Street, by new clothes, new decorations in my apartment, amazing food, yoga, people and experiences! Not to mention the big gift I've been given in finding an amazing man!<3 I'm so unbelievably happy that I've just been floating around on a little cloud for weeks!

I feel bad that I've been slacking on blog posting and working on my projects, but ya know what, I've created this moment in time for myself! We plant the seeds in our SUN period (the 52 days after our birthday) and live out that cycle of creation through our personal calendar, so I am now enjoying the flower of my seed!:)

The power of intention should not be underestimated. We create our own experiences. I am living in my Shavasana, and enjoying the beautiful ride of all things LOVE, til I quickly approach my Saturn period on June 30. In that period, I will experience the fruits of my labor.

So, here's to LOVE, celebration, relationships, beauty, and positive vibrations from VENUS.