LifeStyle Lessons: My Mini Detox {+ Recipe}

Macro Mild Fish SoupEven though I just blogged yesterday about how I've come out of my Macro rabbit hole, I still give credit where it's due. Macrobiotics is a healing diet, of which I learned so many healing recipes and practices that I can always come back to in times of need. After the long holiday weekend, I was happy to get organized and do a little self care this week! From many cleanses that I've done, I know that the best way to feel lighter is to eliminate the sugar, the nuts, the snacking, the cracked/puffed grains and to replace meals with liquid ~ ie: smoothies/juices and soups.

For the next 3-5 days, I am eating kitchari for lunch, and fish soup for dinner, with some juicing thrown in the mix to root and to cool me down. I'm taking my other self care tips and getting to sleep early, doing oil massages, walking, yoga and meditation daily to reconnect.

fish soup ingredientsI thought you might like to know about this Macro healing fish soup recipe. The shiitake mushrooms give my immune system a boost, while also pulling out water retention. The leeks, napa cabbage, and bok choy scrub away the toxins and release inflammation. The white fish is 'yang', which means it pulls the energy down to avoid any excess 'yin' from sugar, as do the carrots.

Eating this soup between 5:30-7pm is the optimum time so my body can properly cleanse when I go to bed at 10. It's light on the digestion and really yummy and beautiful too!

napa cabbage, bok choy

Try it out:


1inch piece kombu (dried seaweed found in the asian food aisle)

2 dried shiitake mushrooms (also found in the asian aisle)

4C water

1 onion, sliced half moons

1 carrot, thin half diagonals

1C napa, thin diagonals

1C bok choy, sliced thin

1/2C leek, medium diagonals

1lb fresh white fish - wild caught** (cod, flounder, red snapper etc...) 1inch pieces

Tamari to taste

Garnish with scallions, and lemon


Place kombu, shiitakes, and fresh water in a soup pot and bring to a boil. Add the onion and carrot and return to a boil to simmer for 5 min. Add napa, bok choy, leek and then fish and simmer for 3-5 min. Add (capful) tamari and simmer 5 more minutes. Garnish and Enjoy!