Hair Help: Transitioning from Straight to Curly

straight hair (this is me wearing the hair straight after a blowout last year)

I have this conversation often with first timer's in my chair! The curly clients are always the most guarded, most sensitive, most skeptical. They either finally come in after hearing about me or my curly services months or even years ago, or they come in on a whim after seeing a fellow curly on the street looking fab, raving about how it is a 'life changing experience' and ohmygosh they book straight away!

Either way, they don't know what they're in for, but there is lots of work to be done psychologically between us. The consultation is the most important part of what I do and so it is SO important for me to really listen to my client's frustrations, wants, needs, likes and dislikes. I know, because I was once a curly client myself, so I try to really come down to their level, knowing that in my own past experiences, the stylist had their best interests at heart, not mine.

So it begins...we consult, I pull and push and try to drag out everything I can. They have huge walls up! But when we're finished, they truly are over joyed. I can't over promise that this will always be the case (some people are just not happy on the inside, so anything done on the outside will just be temporary) but more often than not, they are officially part of the 'curly club'.

Many clients have been getting keratin treatments or blow drying and flat ironing before they come to me trying to embrace their curls. This is happening a lot right now because of the humidity we're having on Cape Cod. They feel it's time to let their curls come out, but they don't know what that really entails ~ It really involves getting comfortable with seeing yourself with curly hair!!!

Most people feel they look bigger (face is fuller, head is wider, overall body is bigger) when they wear their hair curly. Can I just tell you, it's a law of proportion that you actually probably look smaller when you wear your hair fuller because the contrast of fullness around your face, frames it to make your face appear slimmer....meditate on that for a second!

The other problem is that most curlies are used to running their fingers through their straightened hair, so when they start handling their curls, they are playing with it too much creating frizz and flyaways. Keep the hands out of the hair ladies!

The big problem ~ they don't realize that you actually have to take the time to STYLE it. I always tell my clients that we do not wash and go like we'd all love have to take at least 5 minutes to position your hair by doing the ouidad rake and shake styling, or some version thereof.

If you were to wear your hair straight, you would take the time to use a blow dryer and a brush and possibly a hot tool afterwards, right? Well what if you thought you could get the same results by just flipping your hair upside down and drying it with your hands? Obviously, it wouldn't come out the same...That's essentially the same result you would get if you didn't take the time to position your curls by raking and shaking...invest a little time initially, and you will get a few days out of it. Watch the videos here.

I always tell my clients, transitioning from straight to curly requires an acquired comfort level of seeing yourself as a new version of you in the mirror. I personally have about a week's worth of adjustment time when I wear my hair straight for an impromptu blow out and then go back to curly...but I always prefer being curly once I'm back! *Note: always do a deep treatment after wearing it straight and attempting to style it curly*

You just don't get the same compliments and attention being straight! Curly is cool! Curly is fun! Curly is youthful! So own it! It's what you were born with, so embrace your true essence and realize that your little curly soul is sensitive and you just need somebody to hold your hand through the my videos or come see me for a little TLC or a styling lesson.

Ciao Curlies!