Evolve: Tending to the Garden (of life)

bamboo gardener gloves O.M.G., I can't even believe who I am becoming these days! I would have laughed if I were to have told myself a few months ago that I would be face to face with baby chickens, baby ducklings, (which also means their poop smushed between my toes) weeds galore, dirt under my nails, raking, mulching, planting, harvesting and sweating in the hot sun of the summer in my boyfriends beautifully elaborate garden this past sunday afternoon.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm not a 'get down and dirty' kind of girl...there's definitely a bohemian kind of girl in there, with a love for earthy crunchiness, but I've never been known to really get my hands in the earth and exert such manual labor! (what a girl!) I earned my first pair of gardening gloves above after doing 'such great work' though...hahaha!

I've always wanted to learn about gardening, and since I was initially inspired by Alicia Silverstone's 'kind' lifestyle to clean up my diet and eat whole foods, the farm to table concept and locally sourced, sustainable living practices become one in the same...we are what we eat. I've mentioned before in a previous post, about how your energy is a direct reflection of what you're putting into your body, so, as I have naturally evolved with my diet, it only makes sense that I am becoming intimate with the food source itself. And have thus been given the gift to really cultivate this circle of life from seed to fruit, from the guidance of my Master Gardner BF! :)

companion gardens

(a pic of the aftermath of the newly planted japanese maple, and the freshly weeded and mulched blueberry bush area)

What I learned in the garden this weekend was that it's just like my yoga practice; it's meditation in action. It's the action of mindfulness, love, connection, nothingness and everything. It's where LOVE lives ~ in every step of our lives.

At one point, while we were weeding (and I was face to face with the chickens), Paul was telling me how he likes to think (or not think) when he's out in the garden, and at that point I realized I didn't have any thoughts at all...it was amazing! The earth is so healing that it gets us out of our heads and into our hearts...

I realized that the Weeds symbolize our thoughts...we must constantly get rid of what does not serve us, just as we do in the garden. Some weeds take on strong roots and take over, as I was seeing...just the same as our negative thought patterns can run wild, manifesting into something we don't want in our lives...that's why  it's so important to take the time tend to them!

sprouting wheatberries

Preparing the earth, planting the seeds, watering and mulching the area takes great care, love and intention. We are literally eating what we're growing, so you better believe there are no chemicals or pesticides here! It's such an abundantly rich practice in realizing that we can cultivate whatever it is we want for our well being. All of our resources are available, we just have to seek them out and put intention and energy into it and patiently evolve with it.


(the ducklings that are growing so fast!)

baby chicks

(New baby chick delivery!!)

To be able to eat what you sow (literally) is such a blessing! Watching all the responsibilities that Paul's "Companion Garden" entails seems overwhelming, but he is such a great teacher and is teaching more about life and love than I could have imagined...I am open and receiving of learning all of it in due time! ;)

I'll be sure to keep you updated on what I discover in the garden, but til then, please do yourself a favor and embrace all of life's duties and responsibilities with mindfulness so that you can start to experience the oneness  (and wonder) of it all.

Sat Nam,