Evolve: The 53 days before your Birthday

yogi teaIn my Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga studies, I have learned that the 53 days prior to your birthday bring up karmic lessons that need to be healed. This is based on our own personal planetary calendar year, where we move through the energy of Saturn. Ever noticed how the time leading up to your birthday is often challenging? Hopefully you can now find some peace in knowing why that is... Saturn is the great teacher, the Lord of Karma. What has been hidden from us will show up for us during this time so that we can give it attention, love, and then let it go, to evolve into our next year and manifest the things that we desire in our Sun period (the 52 days from our birthday, on).

As my birthday approaches this friday, I've been reflecting on the lessons I've learned during this time, and they are as follows:

I'm learning to un-learn everything that I've learned ~ I 'know' the rules but now it's time to break them by finding my own balance point in moderation and 'rule following', by staying true to the own master within my heart.

I'm learning to love ~ to be open and authentic, to let go of fear, doubt, insecurity, worry, or any negativity. To be love and to share love. To have faith that everything is perfect right now.

To let go of the idea of perfection. To be satisfied with what is and to let go of expectations of wanting more. To just be here right now, dwelling in this gift in time and space as it is. (by cultivating more faith)

To stay anchored in my spiritual practice of yoga and meditation and self care. By filling up my vessel with love and light first and foremost, through prayer, breath work and asana, everything else just ends up being icing on the cake. I'm allowing myself to feel my emotions, crying when I need to, and journaling my thoughts to move through and release the clutter, so I can stay neutral without getting swept up in the ego driven mind. (To pay attention to the 'stuff' that needs to be healed and to lean on SELF LOVE).

To have fun! To not take things so seriously. Life is meant to be joyous and playful. Creating that space for love and laughter, softness and ease, and by carving out time to do all the things that make me happy helps me stay light and peaceful. (Clapping is a  yogi tool for an instant feeling of lightness and fun.)

I hope you can relate to some of these lessons and bring them into your life however you may. I'm so grateful for Saturn's teachings so I can learn and grow from them to take with me into my next personal year where it's time to Manifest in my Sun period!! Yay for 33!

Wahe Guru!