Evolve: #EverydayismyBday

birthday cardsI celebrated my birthday last week, and as I was trying to make a plan to enjoy the day, and as I told people what I did for the day, I realized that whatever I did on my birthday is exactly what I try to do everyday! My day included a yoga class, a long walk outside, lunch with a friend, a meditation sesh, and dinner with my boyfriend. What could be better ~ great company, self care, good food and fresh air!

As I get older (I'm now 33) I have started to appreciate a quality lifestyle. My twenties were spent running around, not wanting to miss a beat, trying to take it all in and experience everything! Now that I'm in my 30's, I'm discovering what truly matters to me in my life ~  the simple joys of being able to spend time with loved ones (or at least know that they're near or in spirit) and to do the things that are important to my well being each day.


I remember reading the book, and posting about "Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts" awhile back, and loving that she talks about spending each day as if it were your birthday. It makes so much sense! Do the things you love first! You can find time for 'keeping up with life' after, but make bringing yourself joy a priority! It's our birthright!

I'm getting ready to move again (yep, that's right) and have been wondering whether I need to make a "Boston Bucket List" before I go back to Cape Cod, until I realized that I already do all the things I love to do everyday, no matter where I live! Granted, I might need to check out a restaurant or two before I go (totally my m.o. when I get ready to move), or maybe go to a museum or do some cultural activity, but that's what vaca's are for...I'm realizing that all that 'stuff/stimulation' that I've always spent time seeking out is great every so often for inspiration, but the true joys in my life lie in the simple day to day instances.

I loved taking my yoga class by Joanne Flaherty at Down Under Yoga Studio in Brookline where I went twice a week, and had my little ritual of a Whole Foods run after. I loved eating at Life Alive or Cocobeet for a healthy lunch or dinner. (See Vegan Boston links for my faves.) I LOVED walking or riding a bike along the Esplanade at the Charles River. I loved walking through the Boston Public Gardens. I loved the salon I worked in on Newbury Street ~ I made some great friendships there and learned a lot from the talented stylists! I Loved my studio apartment ~ having my own little cheery space to call home, but I also feel like I enjoyed what I needed to during this 4 month stint...what I was supposed to experience, I did, and it was all oh-so wonderful ~ leading me towards an even better part of my journey! :)

I'm now learning (in my wise older years;) that I'm not afraid to make changes, that nothing lasts forever, and that seizing the moment to live life with faith that whatever comes up along the way is for our highest and best self, is the only way to live. I used to beat myself up for making changes all the time and jumping around, but I now know that everything I experience is necessary for my evolution. My best friend always said, "you'll stop moving around when you find a place that feels right". (So wise Corinne;)

Living life with an open heart, being grateful for all that I have, loving and enjoying each day, and trusting that the best is yet to come is my new 'thirty-something' philosophy ;)

I'm so grateful for such an amazing life and truly am in love with life itself! Each day really is a gift and the celebration of my birth was just a reminder of that! I'm now in my SUN period of my personal calendar year for the remaining 52 days, according to the studies of Universal Kabbalah. This is a favorable time to visualize what I want my life to look like, so that the SUN energy works with me to manifest that into the physical form during the year ahead.

May everyday be your Birthday!