LifeStyle Lessons: The Cleanse Conversation

colorado cleanseHere we are's the end of summer and everyone is complaining about how gross they feel. Summer has a way of making us overindulge and get off course with our self care practices. I'm completely guilty of it this summer, but I do have a new perspective on it...having some fun is healthy too!;) I used to be 'addicted' to cleansing. If I ate something out of the norm for a few days in a row, I'd instantly go to my cleansing kit of tricks. Now, I realize just how unhealthy that can be too. Living in moderation is my new practice, and so with that comes some indulgences, as well as self care...BUT, sugar can quickly make me swing to the crazy side and stay there for a little too long...

I'm noticing that I've probably had something sweet everyday for the past month or so! I do not eat refined sugars, but dates, cacao, maple syrup, and honey are all 'sweet treats', even if they are considered healthy...the expansive energy of these foods send our bodies into 'la la land' which only makes us crave more comfort as we try to ground ourselves again. It's a vicious cycle, and I'm totally in it. Not to mention the fact that I've been drinking wine again lately (and loving it btw;) which also acts as 'sugars' do...

So, we need to reel it in from time to time to re-establish our healthy balance point. That's why I love the Ayurvedic way of cleansing. It's a healthy approach to detoxing that is recommended to do twice a year ~ once when we break from winter to spring, and again when we break from summer to fall. I cannot wait to get off this sweet treat wild ride!

This cleanse balances blood sugar levels and relieves us of cravings, all while eating 3 meals per day! I've done juice cleanses and love them, but this cleanse is more sustainable for me because I like to chew my food!;)

JuicingI'm embarking on the Colorado Cleanse this time around. It's two weeks long and has 3 phases. In the first and third phase, I will eat a whole foods, clean diet made from the recipes in the back of the book, followed by eating an apple after each meal to thin the bile, and drinking a beet tonic (to thin the bile and move the lymph) and green tonic (to rejuvenate the bile and liver) juice each day. There is no snacking, only eating 3 meals during the entire time and taking herbs 15 minutes before each meal, sipping on hot water and drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.


In phase 2, the real cleansing starts, where we eat a nonfat, traditional Ayurvedic dish called Kitchari (basmati rice, mung beans, spices and ghee) for all three meals, and take increasing amounts of ghee each morning to nourish and attract toxins, so we can easily rid of them at the end of the cleanse. The 'Final Flush' is the laxative therapy that done on day 11 to release all the toxins.

Upon completing the 14 days, your digestion is reset and you're able to integrate back into eating a well balanced diet!

Since it's best to do just as we break for fall, I plan on doing this cleanse towards the end of September, but I find it's great to pick a date on the calendar and mark it there so your intention is clearly set on when you'll be doing it. (During the waning moon is optimal for letting go) That way, you can mentally and physically prepare for it.

Check out the website and decide which kit you'd like to order. And buy the book first so you can read about it! If this cleanse sounds too weird to you, I also LOVE the CLEAN program cleanse (it's 3 weeks long but a great elimination diet and a way to get savvy eating whole foods).

Enjoy the rest of summer, and rest assured knowing that you can always start over making healthy choices!