Happiness: Daylight Savings Anxiety Cures

sunset walk A few weeks ago I felt very anxious. It was the first time in a long time...it was a Full Moon and we set our clocks back an hour. I get this sort of 'over stimulated' feeling if I've been on the computer too long or if I'm up past my bedtime watching TV or (I realized this past week) if I haven't been outside in nature on the daily!

I went for a walk on Monday, but didn't walk the whole rest of the week, so by Thursday I was feeling really anxious and intense. I realized I hadn't sat down in meditation for awhile to breathe (where Spirit lives) and hadn't moved my body in yoga (breaking up stagnation and letting go of what does not serve me) since that tuesday afternoon...but more importantly, I hadn't been outside in the fresh air in a few days!!!! Man how I needed it...it's amazing how it grounds me and uplifts me in an instant!

love yoga fest

I took my friend's Bhakti Yoga Class that saturday night and it was exactly what I needed! We chanted, we moved, and we clapped! Did you know that clapping is the best way to bring happiness into your life? That, and moving your arms in big circles and punching the air above your shoulders for a few minutes to get rid of all that stands in your way while you dance with your eyes closed chanting to RAM :).

The reason being, that our shoulders hold all our stuck emotions. When we clap our hands in front of our heart center and we punch our hands above our shoulders and move our arms in big circles along side our body, we break up stagnation and let the life force flow through us. It was just what the doctor ordered! Thank you Rhia!

Between yoga and a walk in the crisp fall air with beautiful sunset /sky views I was brought right back to my heart, my home, which is a priority for my self care practices.

I was grateful for this reminder and I hope you are too, especially headed into the holiday season and winter woes! For more info on how to stay balanced, check out my post from this time last year when I was back living in L.A. (wowwiiiee how time flies!)