Hair: Refresh Your Curls { 2 videos ~ including post yoga hair}

One of the biggest questions I get from my Curly girls, is how to get as many days out of your curly style. For me, I can get a good 5-7 days (just don't get too close to smelling my scalp towards the end;). I have lots of little 'preserving' tips for curls that I want to share with you when your days call for running, getting your yoga on, humid weather, etc., or basically anything that starts to get in the way of you and your styling armor!

First things first, you MUST master the Rake and Shake styling...that's what's going to get you the long lasting results that you desire! I also suggest diffusing the hair initially, because the heat locks in the set that much better!

Secondly, make sure you're sleeping and showering correctly.

To refresh, check out the top video, where I talk about 3 different ways you can spruce up your curls, whether you need to encourage the curl pattern and just reactivate your gel, or whether you need to add a little shine, or whether you need to modify your curl pattern set with a little water and gel action.

To reduce frizz / risk losing your curly style, make sure you control your sweat sesh in your yoga class, or when you run or work out, by checking out this crazy video of me post yoga class in the bathroom at my yoga studio ;). I reduce the sweat (which would wet my hair and break up my gel) by keeping my hair 'contained' in a bun with a wide headband around the hairline, and then I shake it out and apply the above tips if need be.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Please feel free to share your curly cures in the comments below!

Ciao Curlies!