Hair: Tried and True or Trendy?

IMG_6113 I had a client come to me a few weeks ago who normally wears her hair long, with long layers. We consulted once she sat in my chair as usual, to see if we were going to make any changes by possibly taking it shorter or adding some face framing accents, or if we were just going to 'freshen/clean it up' for her. She replied with, 'I don't know, I would love to go shorter! I've often thought about a bob or the new lob (long bob) but my face is just too round, don't you think?' I agreed that it's probably not the best look for her even though it is the trendy new look these days!

We then started talking about how trends don't always work for us! For instance, I love denim button down shirts, but they do NOT work on me! You would think that seems so silly, what button down shirt doesn't work on someone? Well, they don't work on me...they just don't! Neither do scarfs! They just don't work! There's something going on with my neck/shoulder area apparently that just can't make either of those looks work...this is just an example of how trends do not work on all people! Just like fashion, beauty is the same!

My greatest mentor, the Queen of Curl herself, Ouidad, was not only my boss for 4 years, but was such an inspiration to me in so many ways! One of the things I always use that I learned from her when consulting a client for the first time is to ask them if they've ever had a favorite haircut?

It's the simplest and best question you can ask! Have you? Think about it! Most people have had one at some point in their life and you know it because their whole face lights up when they talk about it! Trendy doesn't factor when it comes to the feeling that it evokes in them!

When I learned about my personal color palette (I'm a Dusty Rose Summer;) and how to align with the essences of my unique makeup, I became empowered to trust my own style and what I'm naturally drawn to, and apply it to what innately works for me. Same goes for hair styles, I love the IDEA of chopping my hair short, rocking bangs (I have major bang envy!!) or brushing out my curls, but the reality is that I always go back to the long layered's just what suits me best! Same goes for color! Whatever our eye and skin tones are, we should compliment with our hair color...we can still be trendy and do ombre and balayage coloring techniques, while staying in the correct tonal color family!

Soooo many people go through this cycle of chopping, growing, chopping again...we like the IDEA of changing things up because we are influenced by the media and so many different trends, but look at the classics of Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, or Kate Moss...they know what looks best on them and they really don't move too far away from their look even while being thrown in the fashion and beauty trends!

Sure, we can play up our looks with an 'accent' or two, ie: face framing, different color placements, or maybe going a few inches shorter or longer than the usual...but it's still in the same general realm...bangs can also bring a bold pop that's not the craziest change, although a huge pain to grow out... (but hence the grow out being something that was temporary/trendy;).

Trust your own unique style! Trust what works for you! Trust what expresses who you are on the inside, on the outside! Your hair is an extension of your electromagnetic field! You were born with the best combo of hair/skin/eyes/body etc., all you have to do is enhance it by making it your own! Have fun, and remember: You are beautiful!

I'd love to hear your favorite haircuts in the comments below!!