Hair: Embracing your Gray Hair and how to Transition Gracefully

I think she's a summer too! What to do when those gray hairs start taking over?? That is the question...

As a hair stylist and colorist, it would be silly for me to tell you not to color your hair from a business standpoint, because, after all, it's a no brainer to have your regular color clients coming in every 4-6 weeks for services! But, I have a new perspective on the matter, probably since I stopped doing a one process color on myself! I've since learned just how many grays have been hiding under there...Oh joy to my 30's!

Maybe it's because I've channelled my inner hippie / yogini in the past few years, or maybe it's the beauty of my aunt's natural gray (the woman in the picture above), or just an enlightened state of the beauty in nature and the physical changes that come with it, but I say, embrace that gray!

Regardless, I've changed my tune when it comes to telling my clients it's time to start coloring, and I'll give you all my reasonings here. But first, let me give you a little background as to why I'm inspired to embrace our grays...

You may or may not have read my blog post from a few months ago when I talked about my experience working with a Master Colorist in L.A.. She's the one who confirmed that my color season is specifically called, "Dusty Rose Summer". She matched my skin tone, eye tone and hair color to all the different shades that complement me the best.

That session inspired me to let my natural hair color come in so that I could be completely aligned with the way I portray myself to the world. (The same way I try to align with the laws of nature through naam yoga, and through eating, according to my doshas in ayurveda). Mind, body, soul...and beauty, in harmony! ;)

Prior to that, I had been highlighting my hair since high school, but when I went to hair school, I inevitably played around with different looks, going as dark as black for awhile, before getting back into blonde, and then getting as blonde as I could possibly get by way of  a double process (a base color plus highlights)!

That's Me on the left about 10 years ago!

It's been a little over a year now that I've let my natural color, that I haven't seen since sophomore year of high school, come in, and it's SO refreshing! Granted, a bit shocking to face the reality of my age, due to the amount of grays I see...but nonetheless, beautiful in all it's wisdom ;)!

I feel that we are perfectly created to look the way that is the most beautiful, and is the best representation of who we are on the inside already!  All that's left is maybe a few minor little tweaks to enhance our beauty! If your natural hair color is a cool tone, it's probably because it compliments your skin and eye tones perfectly, and vice versa! So when the gray comes in, it will probably come in as the same tone that you've been working with! Nature knows what it's doing!

You may hear some people say, "I'd like my gray's if it were' her' tone"...but it's perfectly suited for 'her', just as your gray is perfectly suited for 'you'! We can't compare ourselves to others...

I think it takes an extremely confident, beautiful, divinely feminine type of woman to embrace her gray hair and approach age with grace. (We'll see how I feel when I'm actually more gray and reaching upwards of 50+...but I like the concept for now;)

There are many reasons why women have premature gray hair according to ayurveda, and ways to prevent and reverse the process by balancing out the pitta dosha by eating a pitta pacifying diet. Check out this article from banyan botanicals to see what you can do. You can also try implementing a yoga mudra to reverse graying from last years post here.

If you have already started coloring your hair, you are unfortunately stuck in somewhat of a vicious cycle, because it's that much harder to transition out of the colored hair, and into your natural...the only way is to let it grow out and keep cutting it off as the new growth comes in...long and frustrating...

That's why I prefer to play with color placement techniques instead! If you're just starting to go gray and haven't gone down the vicious path of one process coloring, and becoming a slave to sitting in my chair, then I suggest adding dimensional color to your hair style. This way you don't have to be completely committed to any one look, and can camouflage your grays with accent colors instead. You get the added bonus of not placing toxic color on your scalp that seeps into your skin and blood stream!

OR, you can play around with demi-permanent color which is more of a sheer, reflective color that is NOT designed to COVER your gray's, but rather to BLEND them. The added benefit is that it fades off the hair and therefore doesn't leave a strong line of demarcation when your regrowth comes in.

If you've already started coloring your hair and want to embrace your gray's, consider these TIPS:

~You can ask your stylist to start implementing 'low lights' into your hair (the color of your colored hair) so that that your line of demarcation is softer.

~You can also tone (color balance) the previously colored hair to a more cool tone (to match the color of your gray).

I hope you're inspired to embrace all the beauty that is YOU, and see how that empowers you as a person as you align with nature!

Rock on wit those gray's, sisters!