Happiness: Why you're feeling 'The Winter Woes'

cape cod snow stormAs I sit here writing, it has been snowing non-stop now for the past 12 hours or so. (This was last Thursday) We have at least a foot of snow on top of the already accumulated 3-5ft drifts and banks all along this sandbar we call Cape Cod. (Thank God it's starting to melt!) Farmers Almanac predicted it would be a bad winter, but I don't think anybody could have prepared for the relentless snow we've been having.

I'm not complaining however, I think it's actually really beautiful, and it is winter after all, so why not bask in the snow days and cancelled work / excuse to stay at home in your pjs and watch marathons of Downton Abbey and House of Cards?!

I mean!

The only thing that's cramping my style is not being able to get outside and go for my daily walks! I've blogged about it many times, but it is so important to get outside in nature and 'dust off your aura', de-clutter your mind, ground yourself, and re-invigorate / re-inspire your soul! It's tough to do that when you're slipping and sliding on the streets, or without a plowed and salted sidewalk however! Thus, the hibernation / stagnation ensues.

Yoga classes help, but the energy is heavy this time of year, and everybody is going within. We are all plopping down on the couch, feeling less inspired and restless!

Do not fear because once the first day of Spring hits, we will enter into the Universal Planetary energy of Sun!!! Yay!!! For the 53 days prior to March 20th, we are under the influence of Saturn, which is why we feel that heavy energy that makes us want to go within, isolate, withdraw, feel fearful/ not playful and experience delays or setbacks.

Saturn forces us to clean up our karma, as I've mentioned before. It's the Divine Mother showing us all that is not working for us, teaching us lessons so we can contemplate and move forward with new seeds of intention to plant for the upcoming Sun period.

cape cod snow

Hopefully this will give you a little peace of mind when you're feeling the 'winter woes' as we all have been. Rest assured, everything ebbs and flows, and we will be on the up and up, collectively, very soon!

As much as we resist this heavy energy, we should try to learn to embrace it! If we align and flow with the laws of nature, we can start to appreciate staying in doors for a few months because there is inner work to do, just as there is much to do during the other seasons and planetary energies. For instance, during the summer, we are under the universal energy of Mars ~ a very active, magnetic time of year where we accomplish a lot! And during the spring / Sun period, we experience a renewal, a time to focus on our health, and feel inspired and creative! There has to be a yang to the yin, it's just the way things work...so allow yourself to do less, to hibernate, relax and slow down to take care of yourself.

Just as we have a universal planetary calendar year, we also have personal planetary calendars as well. The 53 days before your birthday, just like the earth's birthday of the first day of spring, is your Saturn period, so you may recognize that time of year to be challenging to you on a personal level. Anytime we are under the energy of Saturn, we must pray, we must go within, we must listen and take time to really consider the lessons we are handed. If we don't, the patterns will just keep repeating themselves in different ways, until we learn from them.

Journaling helps. Walking helps. Meditation and Yoga are essential. Reading spiritual books help. Whatever you do, just breathe and remember that with every challenge comes double the blessings, and everything ebbs and flows. Embrace it and allow it. Or just hit the slopes! (I may just try that next year--or at least start snow shoeing!;)

Sat Nam!