Happiness: Spring Cleaning Chore. Less is More!

Living the Simple Life I went for a massage the other day, and in the waiting room, a book on the table was calling my name! I felt the pull to go to it, pick it up, look at it, touch it, read about it. It was called, "Living the Simple Life". I don't know why I got the strong pull to it, but I went home and immediately ordered it on Amazon ~ I had to have it! It's so inspiring and I highly suggest it as we head into Spring Cleaning mode!

Ever since traveling to the Azores with one small backpack, and embracing this winter wonderland we are having in our cozy home, I've been awakened to the idea of 'Less really IS More'!

I always acknowledge the concept of, 'the bigger the bag, the more stuff you put in it' as I go through my days editing and purging at the things I don't need. I have a knack for letting go with great ease. (Maybe because I've moved so many times and always get rid of the excess, or maybe it's just my nature!?) Accumulating more just leads to more clutter and more stuff which equals less room for life to move in and out freely!

I love the studies of Feng Shui, and being in touch with energies and life force. We must keep our channel open so we don't get stuck and stagnate! Much like our diet, and our bodies, we must constantly try to keep the pathways open to let good energy in and bad energy out. Spring is the perfect time to give this some attention.

I've been thinking about material items, my home, my car, my work environment, my calendar and how it does or doesn't serve me, and what I've realized is this:

A simple, small home is all I need ~a happy, harmonious space to call home. My kitchen essentials. My comfy bed and a place to store my clothes. My bathroom/cleanliness routine and a few beauty essentials (aka hair and skin products and some makeup). A few seasonal wardrobe essentials. A safe, cute car to get me to and fro (my new jetta!) Wholesome, simple food/meals that I rotate weekly. Plants, books, a journal and pen and a sanctuary to have quiet contemplation in to enjoy these things. Time to get outside in the great outdoors. A yoga class or two or three per week. These are my essentials. I don't need anything more (except of course, my wonderful relationships, my life's purpose, travel and inspiration) and I don't want anything less, because these are the things that serve me. Yours might be completely different. We are all on different scales and vibrating at different energetic levels.

With the spring approaching, I cannot wait to do some Spring Cleaning!!! With every season change, the opportunity to re-evaluate and to rid myself of what no longer serves me is so liberating! Just like with the full moon, let go of what you do not need. You may even consider doing a cleanse!;)

Keep room for what's truly important, and the rest is just stuff! Why hold on to it?! The less empty your cup, the more there is to receive. Ebb and Flow. Receive and Give. Lighten up. Travel Light. Be free!

Our projects starting this week include sweeping through every corner of our home and letting go of what we don't need/don't use/ what doesn't serve us and giving them away/hosting a yard sale.

I always tell my clients what they need for hair products and I keep it really simple, yet so many of them want to accumulate more! Maybe they're product junkies, but they will always come back to what works, while their bathrooms are overflowing with half used bottles. You only need a styling and a finishing product, shampoo and conditioner people! Forget the other stuff!

You only need 3 weekly rotating meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner stocked in your kitchen with those ingredients. Get rid of everything else! Seriously! Why do you have canned goods from years ago? Or old bottles of sauces that you never use? What about all those nasty tupperware/missing lids and mismatching bowls taking up too much space! Do you really need 3 different sets of saucepans? Just keep what you use!

When you pack up your winter wardrobe to break out the summer, please do yourself a favor and get rid of the clothes that you didn't wear this season, unless it's a staple/statement piece that is timeless, you know you won't wear it next year! And do the same when you unpack that summer wardrobe. Are you really into that shirt from 3 seasons ago that you haven't worn the past 2? Let's be real, do not hang it back up in your closet just to take up more space. (That's my fave question ~ 'c'mon Kate, let's be real, are you really going to wear that?/use that, etc.")

I've even gone so far as to 'unsubscribe' from every email I don't want to see popping up in my inbox anymore, or any catalogue that gets mailed to the house. I've been deleting folders left and right and have also gone from 400+ to under 100 contacts in my phone! Phew! I feel sooo much lighter already!

As my Naam Yoga Spiritual Master always says, "Simplicity is Divinity. Divinity is Simplicity".

You find Everything in Nothing. The more stuff, the more clutter/distraction from your inner voice.

This was everything I brought with me to the Azores for 2 weeks ~ I could've taken 1/3 of it!:


I cannot believe that I've actually cultivated living this simple life after lots of letting go of the 'rat race' I felt I was in a few years ago. I love having the space for spontaneity and relationships, but I also get a little uncomfortable with such an open calendar! I find myself wondering how I'm going to fill it, so I'm trying to embrace receiving this opportunity to just live and be present. Each day is a practice of just showing up to life. I hope you can contemplate what does and doesn't work for you in your life as your move forward into Spring.

Many blessings to you on the first day of Spring. May you plant seeds to manifest your hearts desires during this universal Sun period!