Happiness: Spending Money, Spiritually Speaking

new jettaI was currently in the market to buy a car, and found myself pondering the process in a very spiritual manner. I LOVED my audi, but it was a lease, and the 3 year term came to an end. I've never leased before, and did not plan on doing it again for many reasons, which left me with a fresh new start of thinking about what a car means to me.

I've realized I'm really not a car person at all. I have preferences from what I see on the road, but I don't know anything about the ins and outs of these machines. It's merely just based on style/fashion sense. That being said, does it make sense for me to invest lots of money into something I don't really care that much about?!

I started thinking about the exchange of money and what I learned from my spiritual studies in Naam Yoga and the Universal Forces of Kabbalah ~ that money is the physical form of an exchange. Anything that I want to receive, I have to give something up to get it. Whatever we place value on, is where we direct our energy, and so the more we put our energy into something, the more it manifests.

For instance, I love learning. I have no quams whatsoever about spending money on workshops, books, or trainings that pertain to hair, health, or evolving as a person. I spend lots of money on good quality food, self care products, creating a happy home and traveling to gain inspiration and stimulation from the beauty of life and culture!

I feel that it's important to always align with your intentions in every area of life. My intentions for my life are to live fully, and experience all of my hearts desires. I wouldn't want to sacrifice them for something that I really don't have that much enthusiasm for. The Law of Attraction suggests that wherever you place your attention, the energy flows to it, so keep focusing on what you desire and it will come to be!

I choose to focus my energy on my hearts desires, not things that don't have much meaning to me (a car). Everyone has different values, but mine are not so much rooted in material things. (Probably why I have no problems with Spring Cleaning!)

One of the exercises I loved doing with my Spiritual Coach was to discover my 5 personal values during a meditation. It came out to be: love and connection, inspiration, health/self care, learning/gaining wisdom, and travel. I wrote it down on a little piece of paper and I keep it in my wallet so I can be reminded of what my higher self desires/needs on a daily basis.

Shopping and making decisions of where to spend your money is a very spiritual process and reminded me of staying true to my values. What are yours?

To add to that, it brings up the point of how, spiritually speaking, we should be donating 10 percent of our income (tithing) to a source that teaches us and guides us down our path of enlightenment. Wherever and whenever we give a gift of a donation, whether it be time or money, it is our energy showing gratitude for teachings that help us to evolve and navigate through life. It is the highest form of love, and perpetuates more love and miracles in our lives.

I encourage you to sit with this concept of values and love, the act of giving back, and the exchange of energy (your money/ time) makes.

I ended up going with a 2006 Jetta from a private cash sale off of Craigslist (that was a first!) that my boyfriend coordinated and researched for me!

And with that I say THANK YOU for showing your love and acceptance for allowing me to contribute to you. I value my time and energy to give back to the world through this blog of all that I've learned and practiced in my life to inspire others to live their best lives!