Hair: Product Picks!

Pureology Anti Split Blow Dry Cream Styler As a stylist, I sample many products for styling on my clients, but I tend to mainly lean towards my faves on the regular...until lately!

I've discovered a couple new products that I'm loving right now and can be purchased where I work, at Salon 700, or you could find it online. They are:

Ouidad's  Play Curl Amplifying FoamOuidad is a constant in my repertoire with my curly girls, but I've recently been playing more with this one on any finer hair textures that have a classic curl pattern. Check out my video to learn more about different curl patterns.

Usually I would lean towards Tress Fx gel on these locks, but the foam gives so much softness that I can't resist! A little tip ~ It's best to use it while diffusing the curls, and spraying with the finishing mist for a little extra control, since the foam is a light hold, primarily designed to plump up the cuticle and add body.

The other girls in the salon are using it for their straight girl blowouts as well and the results are amazing! It truly is a foam, not a thick creamy mousse which gives it such a lightweight effect! LOVE!

Pureology anti-split blowdry styling cream is my other recent go-to for blow drying thick, somewhat textured hair that requires a little smoothness for the finished look. I focus on using it mainly on the ends of the hair and it gives a lightweight cream styling effect for those hard to manage blow drys, while also protecting it against heat styling damage. For blow drying tips, click here.

While I'm not an advocate of being a 'product junkie', and think you need a 'hair prescription' for your hair, it is always good to switch things up depending on the season, your haircut, your styling approach, etc. Always keep it fresh girls, but just use up what you have before you make the switch need to have your own retail salon in your bathroom!

Have fun!