Hair: Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Oil Healthy Hair Oil by Banyan Botanicals is now part of my weekly hair routine because it has so many wonderful benefits!

I shampoo about once or twice a week, and alternate doing deep treatments every 3 weeks to keep my hair healthy, manageable, and performing at its best, and now I incorporate the ancient ritual of massaging oil into my scalp before I shampoo.

Doing a head massage with an herb infused oil is an Ayurvedic tradition used to strengthen, thicken, and rejuvenate the hair at the root to support your natural thickness, color and shine.

The top 3 ayurvedic herbs that are known to promote healthy hair are: Bhringaraj, (known as the ruler of hair"), which rejuvenates the hair and scalp (helps balance out vata doshic imbalances), Amalaki and Brahmi (Gotu Kola), both of which create a cooling and cleansing effect that help to balance out the pitta dosha that can cause thinning or graying.

Not only does this combination of herbs benefit your hair, but this ritual helps calm the mind, relieve tension and ground you (especially if done before bed for sound sleep!).

Here's a head massage video so you can see how to properly do it.

Be sure to apply shampoo directly to your oiled hair before you wet it, so the oil can come out easily.

Your hair will be so happy to be fed with such amazing nourishment, not to mention the effects this will have on the whole of your being! Go ahead and order yourself a bottle today, and take on this new self care ritual, you will love it! It smells so good too! Be sure to also check out this article to learn more about radiant, natural beauty approaches!

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