Hair: How to perfect your Blowout

Perfect Blow Out Even though I specialize in curly hair, and always encourage my clients to work with their natural texture and curl pattern, a good blow out never goes out of style. A good blow out makes a woman feel confident, sexy and beautiful, but most women can't replicate what we can do for them in the salon, at home. Good thing, because we'd be out of a job if that were the case!;)

It takes a few key elements in perfecting the art, though, that I will share with you here!

First, you need to have time and patience!!! I tell my curly clients the same thing when it comes to them drying their curls with the diffuser. Just set aside a chunk of time (15-30min), don't put yourself in a position where you'll be rushing, because it just won't come out good...

Second, get organized. Get yourself some clips and pre-section your hair with the round of your head, just like we do for our curly styling! Two sections in the back (from ear to ear down, and from ear to ear forward, you will get the crown section and the underneath) one on either side, and one on the top.

*You must also use a styling product that will enhance your style, or minimize what you don't want to see. Usually this means, a foam, a cream, a gel, a leave-in conditioner, or a serum that's applied to towel dried hair.* {I love unique one or pureology antisplit blow dry cream!}

Third, rough dry it (preferably before you pre-section, but also again within each section). This means, you use your hands and blow dryer nozzle to direct the roots in the position you want the outcome of your style to look. Take out about 60-80 percent of the moisture. Work smarter, not harder, girls!

After you've rough dried it, you can then take your styling brush of choice, and direct and shape the hair accordingly. It takes a little practice with the dexterity of your hands to really get the hang of moving your brush, but you'll get it.

Once its dry, you can use a finishing product like a hair spray, serum or pomade to sculpt or refine.

A good blowout will last a few days, as long as you preserve it by sleeping with it in a ponytail on top of your head, using a dry shampoo for oily scalp, and keeping it dry in the shower with a shower cap.

It's worth it to invest a little time initially, into setting your hair correctly, so that in between shampoos, you don't have to do much to refresh it.

Once you understand what you're doing and why, you'll be able to have lots of freedom and play with your hair, just as long as you have the right cut first!;)

One of these days I'll blowout my hair smooth, and will most def post a video, but til then, these videos will have to do;).

Ciao Bellas,