Happiness IS: Spring Seeds in the Garden

20150413_110528 Gardening is my newfound source of joy, thanks to my bf who says our yard (which is entirely a garden) is "his labor of love".

It's so amazing how your heart whispers to you what it wants through images or feelings, and one of the best way to find out what it's telling you is by creating a vision board! Years ago I created one and started to see that my heart had interest in learning how to garden because it was showing up in the pictures I cut out! Little did I know it would manifest itself through my boyfriend!

When we first met last summer, I would help him out in the yard, not really knowing what I was doing, (check out this post) but by the time fall came around and we had 'fall cleanup' duties, I started to understand his mastermind systematic organic gardening amazingness! (I seem to learn that way--by dissecting and following it back to the beginning, rather than understanding it at the start) Now that we're in spring, I'm seeing it from the very beginning, and it's SO COOL!

First of all, there's SO MUCH TO KNOW!!!! And it's a LOT of work! But being one with the earth, is where you find so much connection to life itself!


We started by planting seedlings indoors, at the beginning of March, and placed them under a 'grow lamp' inside the house until the little babies grew to be able to graduate to bigger pots, and finally, to the raised beds outside.


We also used 'cold frames' outside when there was still snow on the ground! We shoveled the snow off the hardened, winter soil, churned, cleaned it off, and spread it flat, then covered it with window frames to trap the heat from the sun so that the soil warmed up on the inside. Once it was warm (you can tell because when you take the frame off, steam comes off), we planted seeds. :)


Thus far, we've planted beets, carrots, peas, lettuces, we have a thriving kale and parsley winter garden already, we've planted all sorts of herbs, edible flowers, wheat grass (the top pic), which is almost ready to harvest, and much much more!!

There will be lots to share in the coming months as our organic garden progresses, (he wins blue ribbons for his veggies, folks!) but what I've found so far, is that I'm completely connected to the universal Spring energy of planting seeds!

Digging my hands in the dirt, feeling one with the earth, watching and feeling it literally thawing out helps me understand what's going on in our bodies and in the energy surrounding us. It's just so amazing, and has taken me to a new level of consciousness and awakening!

I urge everyone to get out there and dig in the ground, listen to the birds, feel the warmth of the sun and the wind on your face. There's nothing like being out in natures elements! It helps me appreciate life itself ~ from the seed to my fork to my body, there's so much 'love tending' that happening!  Being that close to the source, it's as if I am one with the universal forces of the creation of life, and it's such a blessing!

Spread your love to your local farmers, and go organic and non- GMO as often as possible!

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Happy Earth Week everyone!