Happiness: What gets in the Way of Your Joy?

Cape Cod This past weekend I was happy to rely on my Landmark Education tools when I found my emotions getting the better of me! It happens sometimes doesn't it? We get all caught up in our emotional bodies, but it's important to check in with what is really going on, and do the work!

It's so easy for us humans to 'be right' about something, or to try and 'look good', or 'be dominated' by or try to 'control' another! Our way is always the best way, isn't it?

So, we set ourselves up for disappointments or resentments inevitably because we have our own way of seeing the world and don't realize that other's have their own way too. But here's the thing, none of it means anything. Sounds harsh and kinda sad doesn't it? That was the big driving point in the Landmark Forum though - that we all have our own 'baggage' aka karmic influences that we carry around with us throughout the course of our lives, and what's ultimately happening is our baggage meeting others' baggage, rather than the real truth of you! People are only responding to their own karma - it has nothing to do with you! How sad! Landmark teaches us how to become truly PRESENT to WHAT IS in any given moment. That means, non attachments of emotions and perceptions! Just pure nothingness, or oneness, or love ~ the very essence of being!

It's so hard to grasp that concept because we want to put a label on that 'state of being', and make it mean something, don't we?

As my emotions grabbed hold of me, I was able to quickly shift my world when I checked in with this notion: what if I just dropped 'being right' about how I felt? Then what's left? Nothing. Love. Everything. What a waste it is to not spend every given moment we have in joy and gratitude for being alive!

This doesn't mean ignore. This means drop the nonsense. Tune into what's really energetically there ~ LOVE. And what you will find is that you will learn a lesson if you can accept the challenge. As soon as you turn any challenge into an opportunity to search for how you can be grateful for it, you will learn the lesson you're supposed to and it will elevate you along your path. We are here to evolve as spiritual beings, so anytime you get caught up in emotions, ask yourself to drop being right about something, or drop trying to look good, or drop being dominated by others or trying to control others.

Once you drop what's preventing you from experiencing joy and life, you will open up to receive so many more blessings, I promise! Take responsibility for your life, and choose happiness! I am always immediately overwhelmed with gratitude for the spiritual growth I gain whenever I'm in the midst of a perceived 'challenge' and so I urge you to always look for gratitude even in the darkest of times, because that's when you'll receive double the blessings! It's a Universal Law!

Or better yet, sign up for a Landmark Forum near you, so you too can learn invaluable tools for living a fulfilling life!