Hair: Salon Styling Inspiration

curls by kate At Salon 700, we like to have a "Hair Party"!! My main intention for my clients is for them to feel confident and beautiful, by helping them figure out a look that's right for them! Do you have a cut and style that's right for YOU? Or do you play it trendy, or tried and true? In this post, I offer up some of my latest work so you can feel inspired to express your most authentic self  by embracing your natural curl pattern and texture, and finding a color that suits your lifestyle and looks best!

~Val, pictured above, was a first time Ouidad client, and was in awe of what her curls could do! Doesn't she have just the best curls?!

Below are some more fun transformations from my chair :)

~Took this Formerly Foiled Highlighted head of streaky blonde, to a deep, 'sombre' (soft ombre) looking blonde babe with deep roots and bright ends!

~Donna always wore her hair straight! Look what curls we got out of her when we styled it the Ouidad way! She was so happy and hasn't looked back! When you're aligned with your true beauty, you light up like she does!

~My cute client, Brianna says that her hair has never looked so good, and we owe it all to the Ouidad Cut and Style! Her curls are amazing!

~We had lots of fun with this one! Hair painted very soft, subtle highlights and glazed her with a light red brown for a very natural warm, seamless, but dimensional brunette!

~This curly girl got her true to form 'surfer style' with hair painted highlights so you can't tell where they start and end, and a curly cut and style to leave her looking au natural!

Curls by Kate

What is your true hair style essence? Stay tuned for more Salon Inspiration!

Til next time, you are beautiful!